Butthurt Hannity Fanatics Take Their Frustrations Out On Innocent Keurig Machines

Butthurt Hannity Fanatics Take Their Frustrations Out On Innocent Keurig Machines

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Last week Sean Hannity interviewed Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. Hannity, in many folk’s views, seemed to take an apologetic position towards Moore, even going as far as to suggest that intimate relations between an adult and a 14-year-old girl are fine “under certain circumstances.”

Hannity’s fans, experiencing “Soros delusions” decided to take the position akin to NAMBLA in defending their radical right-wing heroes, pedophiles and pedophile apologists.

The “victims” of their attack turned out to be innocent coffee machines. Keurig machines to be specific. Because, in their minds, the best way to protest people being offended by pedophiles is to attack the machines of one of Hannity’s sponsors who decided that defense was just a bridge too far.

Of course, they also forgot that Keurig already got their money when they paid for the machines. About the only people actually affected are the third party coffee makers and perhaps some folks holding yard sales where they happen to be selling their old coffee makers.

Here are some of the “protests” in action … be warned, however, not to have a mouth full of coffee when witnessing their “protests” because a coffee soaked keyboard or phone is not very fun;

This guy seems to think that he invented editing, or at least he’s way over impressed with such technology:

This guy does his tribute to the old David Letterman stunt of throwing things off a building:

This guy has it all figured out … except how to have the camera the right way … This one might also remind you how long it’s been since you have played lawn darts — remember lawn darts?

Dumpster diver alert! — Good as new Keurig can be found here …

Again, “mad dog” seems to not realize that Keurig already got their money when he bought the machine … it isn’t like he canceled his “Keurig subscription.”