Hannity Says North Korea Would Be A ‘Paradise’ If Trump Built A Tower There (VIDEO)

Hannity Says North Korea Would Be A ‘Paradise’ If Trump Built A Tower There (VIDEO)

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Now that President Donald Trump has met with Kim Jong-un and discussed nuclear disarmament in North Korea, the propagandists at Fox News are falling all over themselves to praise the president as the greatest peacemaker since Gandhi. But their efforts have now reached the level of absurdity.

On his show Tuesday evening, Sean Hannity interviewed Trump and lavished him with praise before asking the president when sanctions might be lifted on North Korea so economic development can begin. Trump replied:

“What he wants is security, and I understand that and he will get that.”

Then Trump started to sound like he was selling parcels of land in North Korea, telling Hannity:

“It’s incredible, it’s between China and South Korea. Think about that, I’m in the real estate business.”

The sycophantic Hannity giggled like a teenage girl and asked:

“You planning on building Trump Tower maybe?”

Trump’s eyes filled with dollar signs as he declared:

“How good of a location is that? You have China and South Korea, and he is right in the middle of both of them. Surrounded by water. OK? There’s — that’s called, like –”

Ever eager to please his master, Hannity began to complete the president’s sentence:


Yes, Sean Hannity almost called North Korea paradise. A country where tens of thousands of people starve to death every year and hundreds of thousands of more are imprisoned in gulags is suddenly going to be paradise if Trump builds one of his tacky skyscrapers there.

But rather than remind Hannity that North Korea is far from utopia, Trump responded:

“Could there be anything better than that? It’s also beautiful land. Incredible land. I think he understands that, I told him about that today and I think he really understands it.”

Maybe Trump can call Kim and ask him how soon he wants the construction of Trump Tower Pyongyang to begin. Then the president can invite all of his Russian friends there for a big party.

There’s disgusting, and then there’s Donald Trump and his pathetic puppet Sean Hannity.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab