Here’s The Real Reason Nikki Haley Suddenly Decided To Leave The Trump Administration

Here’s The Real Reason Nikki Haley Suddenly Decided To Leave The Trump Administration

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Suddenly and without a bit of warning, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley resigned Tuesday morning, leaving many in Washington wondering about the reason for her abrupt departure.

But a former Bush administration official and top national security reporter at the Washington Post both say the reason for Haley’s resignation can be found in the growing foreign policy role being played by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton.

Michael Allen is a former special assistant to George W. Bush, and he said on MSNBC that Bolton may have been “steamrolling” Haley when it comes to foreign policy:

“It’s very curious timing for sure. I have a feeling, though, as some of your other reporters referenced, that’s that she felt subordinated under the Secretary of State and the new National Security Adviser.

“I wonder if she felt like she got steamrolled on some … decisions or wasn’t adequately consulted. So I think all of this may shake out that this was in the back of her mind.”

Allen’s comments comport with that what John Hudson, a national security reporter for the Washington Post, posted on Twitter not long after Haley’s resignation was announced:

Bolton, who replaced H.R. McMaster, is said to favor a hardline approach to Iran and a decreased role for the U.S. at the United Nations.

Whatever the reason, the departure of Nikki Haley certainly leaves nothing but hawks advising Trump on foreign policy and military matters. And that could mean that this president is planning military engagements as he enters the last two years of his term in office.

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