Hope Hicks Hires Lawyer Ahead of Mueller Interview

Hope Hicks Hires Lawyer Ahead of Mueller Interview

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Trump’s interim communications director Hope Hicks is reportedly lawyering up ahead of an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller this Fall. Hicks hired the founder of the law firm Trout Cacheris & Janis, Robert Trout, for the case.

Trout, a former Justice Department official, worked as assistant U.S. attorney in Maryland. Hicks declined a request for comment last week, and so does her lawyer.

According to a report from The Washington Post, Mueller wants to interview six Trump aides including Hicks. The independent investigator thinks these people know details that could help him complete his probe into Russia’s alleged interference in the U.S. election.

Hicks, 28, who is the nation’s youngest interim White House communications director, has been at the president’s side long before he launched his presidential bid. She was nominated Trump’s interim comms director this summer after Anthony Scaramucci was removed from the position.

Trump’s Longest Serving Aide

Hicks, who is Trump’s longest serving aide, is helping him to find the right man for the job. Rumor has it that she might assume the role herself, which would make her the youngest person to serve in that position.

People with knowledge of the situation said Hicks is perfectly aware of the risks of an interview with Mueller especially since she has been so close to Trump’s inner circle and his family before and during the 2016 campaign.

Unlike her boss, Hicks has kept a low profile. She has been working with the president and his family since 2014, but she has flown under the radar ever since. She tweeted just three times, of which two are retweets of Trump and one of FLOTUS.

After graduating college as English major in 2010, Hicks worked for a public relations firm in New York. In 2012, she started a working relationship with Ivanka Trump whose firm was one of her then-employer’s clients. Two years later, she was working directly for Ivanka and her company in NYC.