31 And Counting: House Republicans Break Record For Most Retirements

31 And Counting: House Republicans Break Record For Most Retirements

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Rather than face the wrath of voters, 31 Republicans have tucked their tails between their legs and quit instead.

And that shatters the record previously set by Democrats in 1994, a year in which the Republicans would go on take over the House of Representatives.

According to The Week:

The 2018 GOP exodus is a new record: The last time there was such a massive departure from Congress was when 28 Democrats left in 1994, and Republicans subsequently seized control.

That number includes several committee chairs, and represents an opportunity for Democrats to rebuke Trump by taking back the House for the first time since 2010.

Voters are far more aware now than they were in 2010. Democratic voters are especially motivated and energized to get out and vote. Donald Trump’s approval rating has been in the toilet for months and he has done nothing to help the American people throughout his first years in office.

The only major legislation has signed was a tax overhaul law that basically lets corporations and the wealthy rob the Treasury.

Trump’s unpopularity combined with the recent string of Democratic victories in New Jersey, Virginia, and Alabama, is scaring Republicans into leaving office before they get humiliated and punished by voters.

“Vulnerable House Republicans would clearly rather call it quits than stand for re-election with a deeply unpopular agenda hanging over their heads,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Tyler Law told NPR. “The total number of Republican retirements and the importance of the open seats to the overall battlefield are a huge problem for Speaker Ryan’s imperiled majority.”

“Retirements, especially from competitive seats, are a harbinger of the cycle to come,” Democratic strategist Jesse Ferguson added. “Some members do truly retire to spend more time with their families, but many retire rather than face voters in a tough re-election in a bad climate. And you’d rather go out on top than go out as a loser.”

Clearly, Republicans are terrified of the 2018 Election. And they should be.

Donald Trump’s lies and attacks on our democratic institutions have angered voters across the country. And Republican refusal to support Robert Mueller’s investigation is also making Americans look forward to 2018. If Democrats can retake the House and Senate, they can put an end to Trump and his dangerous administration once and for all.

It won’t be easy, especially since many of the seats are in heavily Republican districts. But a recent poll found that voters support generic Democrats on the ballot over Republicans by an eleven point margin of 51 to 40 percent.

That’s a double-digit lead that would send any lawmaker screaming for the exit. And, so far, 31 Republicans have kicked themselves out the door.

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