Huckabee-Sanders: FBI Should ‘Look At’ James Comey

Huckabee-Sanders: FBI Should ‘Look At’ James Comey

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggested Tuesday the feds should start an investigation into former FBI Director James Comey, as President Trump was “100% right” in firing him.

Sanders acknowledged that the DOJ, not the Trump administration, can decide to prosecute the ousted FBI chief, but added the issue should be “looked at.” She suggested that there’s a “feel” that the FBI director has broken the law, and there should be an investigation.

It is highly unusual for the White House to tell the DOJ what cases should be added to its to-do-list, but Sanders underlined that she is not there to instruct the DOJ on its future actions.

Comey admitted before Congress that he had leaked his memos recording his interactions with the President to the press. The lawman told Congress that his actions were motivated by the desire for a special prosecutor to investigate the Russia story.

Republicans Still Think Comey Abused His Role

According to several news reports, it was Comey who recommended no prosecution of Trump’s Democratic rival in the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton, over her mishandling of State Department emails through a private email server.

These reports have prompted Republicans to claim that the former FBI chief abused his role within the agency.

The President terminated Comey in May, but the decision generated a massive scandal. Trump critics accused him of trying to obstruct justice as the FBI was probing his disgraced national security adviser and close associate Michael Flynn’s connections to the Russians at the time.

Some people in Washington believe Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who happens to be a friend of Comey, is currently investigating Comey’s termination to see if there was any attempt to obstruct justice.
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