Ivanka Trump Visits Iowa Monday To Promote An Agenda Her Father Tends To Neglect

Ivanka Trump Visits Iowa Monday To Promote An Agenda Her Father Tends To Neglect

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Ivanka Trump — First daughter and White House senior adviser will appear in Iowa with Gov. Kim Reynolds.

On Monday, March 19, Ivanka will be accompanying Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds to the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center in Waukee, Iowa to discuss the White House infrastructure plan, where they will meet students and faculty.

On Friday Ivanka said on a conference call:

“Workforce development is a critical part of our infrastructure proposal that the White House sent to Congress.”

Last month, The White House announced its infrastructure plan would allocate $200 billion in federal funds over 10 years with the hope of leverage enough private investments to inject 1.5 trillion into bridges, roads, and other initiatives.

Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan centers around six principles given to Congress:

  • Invest in Rural America
  • Stimulate Infrastructure Investment
  • Eliminate Regulatory Barriers
  • Increase State and Local Authority
  • Invest In American People
  • Streamline Permitting

This week five cabinet secretaries went to Congress to push the infrastructure plan. However, lawmakers have questioned how the plan will be funded. Not only is that a question at the federal level, the Trump administration’s proposal could also mean greater levels of funding coming from the local and state levels — where officials have traditionally looked back to the federal government to fund the infrastructure plan.

In other words, everyone seems ready to announce some happy things — nobody seems to be interested in actually paying for it.

And it isn’t just Democrats questioning how anything will actually be funded:

“To get the big, really robust package the president is talking about, you have to come up with a significant source of revenues and so far those haven’t been identified,” Thune (R-S.D.) told reporters after the hearing.

On Friday White House officials said they were encouraged by talks to the House and Senate while it’s too early to know what might happen, they are hoping something can get done this year.

Gov. Kim Reynolds has lobbied for improvements in the states workforce esp. in areas like engineering, technology, science, and math or STEM.

Unfortunately for Reynolds, the administration has had more of propensity to slash things in the realm of science and related fields vs. funding them.

Still, Ivanka praised Gov. Kim Reynolds as she described her visit in Iowa come Monday.

Ivanka has said:

“Over the past year, Gov. Reynolds and I have worked closely on a number of workforce development initiatives, Gov. Reynolds serves on the task force for apprenticeship expansion and remains an important voice in discussions to increase K-12 STEM and computer science education nationwide.”

According to White House officials, Ivanka’s trip to this Iowa event will be the only stop in the state.


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