Ivanka’s Trump Organization Ties Created A Conflict Of Interest Controversy (Video)

Ivanka’s Trump Organization Ties Created A Conflict Of Interest Controversy (Video)

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Even though she resigned from her position as vice president at the Trump Organization, Ivanka Trump will reportedly still receive more than $1 million a year from the organization. And that reportedly creates a conflict of interest.

Like father, like daughter. Apparently.

Ivanka, a senior adviser for the Trump administration, does quite a lot of juggling for her dad, doing everything from lobbying the Senate on tax policy to representing her dad in front of world leaders. And she pulls in the aforementioned hefty sum because the family organization continues to build luxury resorts all over the world during Trump’s presidency.

There’s more than a fair share of financial hand-holding here, with several Trump-branded developments hiring state-owned developments for construction projects and for receiving payments from foreign officials, The Hill reports.

Critics allege that Ivanka Trump’s ongoing ties with her father’s organization are a violation of the emoluments clause.

“‘To the extent she’s still taking money and she’s still in the West Wing, she has many of the same issues,’ said Stephen Spaulding, chief of strategy at Common Cause, a nonpartisan watchdog organization that has investigated the president’s alleged conflicts of interest, told McClatchy.”

And her business ties have raised concerns, including:

  • Can foreign governments gain access to her through the Trump organization?
  • If so, are any deals that are being made through the organization affecting the country’s foreign policy?

The former deputy chief of the intelligence community’s counter-terrorism center, Paul Pillar, who spent nearly three decades with the CIA said:

“If there are foreign financial obligations, commitments, reliances, that would be an item in a security clearance file,”

The reasons for concerns about this stem from the fact that she likely only has an interim security clearance at best, thanks to her husband’s complicated finances and his position as a top presidential aide and his position within his family’s New York-based real estate empire.

A spokesman for the attorney hired by Trump and her husband Jared Kushner said that upon becoming a federal employee, Trump “transitioned from being an active investor to being merely a passive investor.”

Spokesman, Peter Mirjanian said:

“She did that as a result of ethics advice she received and has followed that advice.”

There’s been some controversies surrounding her clothing, handbag, and shoe brands, most of which are made overseas by poorly-paid workers, but little attention has been paid to problems caused by her ongoing relationship with the Trump Organization, a real-estate empire run by her brothers Eric and Donald Trump, Jr.

But it’s not just that Ivanka Trump is being criticized for profiting from her father’s presidency. She’s just returned from a trip to South Korea, where she represented the U.S., and because she still has a hand in the family business and the White House, questions remain as to whether a foreign government is gaining access to her, thanks to the business.

Have business deals become a factor in U.S. — foreign policy? Has this made it possible for foreign governments to forge favor with her — thanks to the company?

While employees trying to receive clearance don’t have to sell their overseas investments right away, it is fairly common for them to be forced to divest larger holdings and to resign positions at companies. And the criteria used to decide who receives a clearance indicates businesses are a concern could be disqualifying, McClatchy reports.

The criteria states:

“Substantial business, financial, or property interests in a foreign country, or any foreign-operated business that could subject an individual to a heightened risk of foreign influence or exploitation or personal conflict of interest.”

When Trump was sworn in, Ivanka resigned from her numerous vice presidential positions within the organization but planned to receive money from other companies inside the organization.

Beginning in 2017, she was supposed to receive $1.5 million from three companies within the Trump Organization and was scheduled to receive more money from additional businesses associated with the organization. That amount, however, wasn’t specified.

But at least five projects the companies involved scheduled are under scrutiny for possible ethics and legal violations, including:

  • A construction company owned by the Chinese government that received a contract to build a road as part of a residential area located inside a Trump development in Dubai.
  • Another construction company that’s partly owned by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Indonesia plans to build the Trump Lido City Development. Based in Indonesia, plans are in the works to include a Disneyland-like theme park.

Those are just two examples. Like her father, it seems that Ivanka has learned to love greed and excess. So much of this looks questionable, yet how likely is it that anything useful will be done to keep additional violations from happening?

The video below discusses this potential conflict of interest.

Featured image by Veuer via YouTube video