Jake Tapper Slams Trump And His Supporters For Insisting Russia Didn’t Hack 2016 Election

Jake Tapper Slams Trump And His Supporters For Insisting Russia Didn’t Hack 2016 Election

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New indictments secured by Special Counsel Robert Mueller completely discredited President Donald Trump’s insistence that the Russians did not hack the 2016 Election, and CNN anchor Jake Tapper made sure Trump and his supporters know all about it.

Trump has repeatedly denied that Russia attacking our democratic process, even just last month on Twitter after announcing an upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As it turns out, Mueller just secured new indictments against Russian intelligence officers for trying to hack DNC computers in 2016 after Trump asked Russia to find former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Just after the announcement by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Tapper reminded everyone that Trump is wrong to call the investigation a “witch hunt.”

“You might remember throughout the campaign — and indeed up until this very day — President Trump has referred to the Russia investigation as a witch hunt, and he’s cast doubt and said it’s a joke, in fact, at one point, the idea that the Russians had hacked the Democratic National Committee or Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” Tapper began. “According to his own Justice Department, it’s not a joke, it’s what happened exactly.”

Tapper went on to point out that Trump campaign officials had contact with Russians, and that Trump associate Roger Stone had contact with Guccifer 2.0, a purveyor of stolen documents and information that the Russians used to leak emails.

“It is a stunning set of indictments and clearly indicates that a lot of what the president and his administration have said about the hacks on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC simply was not true,” Tapper concluded.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Trump and his supporters will likely continue calling the investigation a “witch hunt,” but they would be lying as usual. These new indictments make it clear that Russia attacked our democratic process and institutions in an effort to help Trump win, something the Senate Intelligence Committee has also determined in a report released last month.

This attack happened. It’s real. And if Mueller is prevented from seeking the truth and getting to the bottom of it, Russia is just going to continue interfering with our elections. That might make Trump and his Republican allies happy, but those of us who are loyal to this country and the Constitution should be outraged enough to demand Mueller be protected so that he can investigate until he reaches a final conclusion.

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