Jeff Flake Gets Pulverized By The View Hosts For Voting To Confirm Kavanaugh

Jeff Flake Gets Pulverized By The View Hosts For Voting To Confirm Kavanaugh

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Senate Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) took a beating at the hands of the hosts of “The View” on Tuesday for voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court despite credible allegations of sexual assault.

Christine Blasey Ford and multiple other women brought accusations against Kavanaugh, which he pathetically denied during his own testimony that included several possible instances of perjury.

Flake demanded an FBI investigation of the allegations, but President Donald Trump severely restricted the investigation to the point where the FBI could not follow any pertinent leads, nor could they investigate Kavanaugh’s lies. Basically, the investigation was rigged, yet Flake voted for Kavanaugh anyway.

During an appearance on “The View,” hosts Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg held Flake’s feet to the fire for his last act of political cowardice before he takes his ball and goes back home to Arizona in disgrace and shame.

First, Hostin pointed out that she prosecuted many sex crimes based on testimony from victims.

“As a former sex crimes prosecutor, I prosecuted many cases with just a woman’s testimony,” she said. “Because with sex crimes, there typically are no witnesses in the room, and I’ve convicted every single person based on a woman’s testimony.”

“Did you believe Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony?” she asked.

“You know, she was very compelling, he was very persuasive,” Flake replied. “I don’t know, I don’t know. I wish I had the certitude that some of my colleagues expressed, but I said on the floor before that hearing, we’re likely to leave the hearing with as much doubt as certainty, and that’s how I felt afterwards.”

Again, Flake STILL voted to confirm Kavanaugh despite having doubts about him.

And that led to Behar asking the questions most Americans were asking.

“If there was some ambiguity as you describe it, why not find another person?” she pointed out. “There are many judges out there who are quite capable for the job — why him?”

Indeed, several judges would have been better and more qualified candidates for the job, yet Republicans adamantly refused to consider anyone else, choosing instead to put an alleged rapist on the high court to “own the libs” and insult the #MeToo movement.

“That’s a valid view,” Flake responded before defending Kavanaugh and spewing bullsh*t about how the GOP did not want to start a new precedent. “On the flip side, people would say with some justification that if the mere allegation with no corroboration is sufficient to disqualify someone, we have entered a new phase that we probably don’t want to enter.”

This is a good time to remind everyone that Republicans refused to even give Merrick Garland a hearing when former President Obama nominated him in 2016. They treated him like a criminal even though no allegations had ever been made against him, yet they treated Kavanaugh with kid gloves. Yet, Flake has the gall to worry about starting a new precedent? If anything, Republicans just made it precedent for anyone to be confirmed to the high court even if they did rape someone.

When challenged, Flake admitted that “I don’t know if I believed him either.”


You don’t know, but voted for him anyway? Trump was right. Flake is a flake, and Goldberg chimed in by calling him out for it.

“If there is a modicum of doubt, because it’s not just what she was saying,” she began. “When you have all of that, is that not enough reason to take a break and say maybe we need to get a different candidate?”

Apparently not. But now the nation is stuck with Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court unless Democrats impeach him. If not, women can kiss their rights goodbye. And conservative hosts Meghan McCain and Abby Huntsman have no problem with that.

Here’s the video via YouTube.


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