Joe Scarborough And John Meacham Predict Doom For Trump After Giuliani Gaffe

Joe Scarborough And John Meacham Predict Doom For Trump After Giuliani Gaffe

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Rudy Giuliani’s “truth isn’t truth” moment on “Meet The Press” Sunday has drawn a lot of analysis and criticism, and Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough and historian John Meacham chimed in with their own and it’s not looking good for President Donald Trump.

Scarborough began by pointing out that Giuliani’s appearances on the Sunday shows are “backfiring” on Trump and that he can’t understand how this strategy helps him.

During his appearance on “Meet The Press” Giuliani disastrously claimed that “truth isn’t truth” as he again confirmed that Trump’s campaign met with Russian agents inside Trump Tower in June 2016 looking to get “dirt” on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government. It’s the definition of collusion, which could result in a conspiracy charge.

But Trump and Giuliani are apparently hoping they can fool Americans enough escape legal and political jeopardy.

Meacham declared that Trump and Giuliani have stepped through the “looking glass” to a whole new reality in which they think they are winning.

“It’s extreme weather,” Meacham continued. “The press, broadly put, Mueller, the facts say X. They are going to say Y and take their chances that the right number of folks and the right number of electoral states agree with them…It’s not even an attempt at this point, but the assumption that you simply can fool enough of the people enough of the time to maintain this temporal hold on power, and it’s a cynical exercise from the very top.”

Meacham predicted that the midterm election in November will tell us how Trump’s lie are playing throughout the country. While Trump’s hardcore supporters will remain on his side no matter what, the rest of the American people are not so gullible and ignorant.

“It starts with Trump. It radiates to a couple of these other, forgive me, New York tabloid figures, and because of an underlying anxiety in the country, it has worked nationally, or at least deeply enough certainly that we’re going to have to deal with it. It’s why the midterms tell us so much. History is not going to reward Mayor Rudy Giuliani for the way he spent his Sundays in 2017 and 2018.”

Scarborough noted that the American people are turning on Trump and that his approval rating his down to 40 percent. And the more Trump and Giuliani lie, the more likely Trump and the Republican Party is doomed politically.

“Just look at political history,” Scarborough continued. “He’s a 40-percent president. Presidents with 40 percent approval ratings, my gosh, with re-elects in the low 30s and the very states that put him over the top in 2016, their parties don’t win midterm elections and they don’t get re-elected. There is no happy ending for the Trump administration, especially as they pile one lie on top of another lie on top of another lie.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Of course, Trump and Giuliani continue to dig deeper holes for themselves by continuing to talk or tweet. Trump can’t say that there was “no collusion” and then turn around and say collusion is “legal.” It doesn’t matter how he spins it, Mueller is looking at everything he tweets and everything Giuliani says and he’s building a case from it. At this point, Mueller may not even need to talk to Trump to build a strong case.

And let’s be honest, Trump is refusing to testify because his lawyers believe that he is incapable of not lying.

If Mueller’s investigation continues through the midterms and the swearing in of the new Congress in January, Trump could be in a whole lot more trouble if Democrats take over the House and Senate. In fact, just one chamber of Congress could expose Trump’s tax returns and intensify the investigation into his behavior and conduct over these last two years. Impeachment would definitely be on the table, and that reality would shatter the alternate reality Trump has been living in.

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