Joe Scarborough Hammers Ivanka Trump’s Hypocritical Email Scandal

Joe Scarborough Hammers Ivanka Trump’s Hypocritical Email Scandal

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Ivanka Trump’s personal email scandal continued to unfold on Tuesday morning as Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough shredded her and the Trump administration for hypocritically breaking the same rule they want Hillary Clinton locked up for breaking.

This week, watchdog groups revealed that Ivanka used a personal email account to conduct government business for a good part of 2017 as an adviser to her father President Donald Trump, who spent much of his 2016 campaign whining about Clinton’s email scandal, a scandal that contributed to her defeat, and a scandal that Trump continues to lead “Lock Her Up!” chants over at every rally he holds.

Now his own daughter just got busted in her own email scandal, but she and her lawyer are dismissing the scandal by claiming that it was only a transition email or that she did not know the rules or that there was no classified information in the emails she sent.

But Scarborough refused to accept the excuses, pointing out that Clinton also claimed that none of her emails were classified but Republicans still persecuted her for months.

Furthermore, Ivanka Trump knew damn well that using a personal email account for government business is wrong.

“Ivanka Trump was on notice,” he said. “Jared Kushner was on notice. The entire Trump administration was on notice that this is a violation of public record laws. She knew better.”

Scarborough continued blasting “the hypocrisy” because Ivanka was present at rallies where her dad attacked Clinton for using personal email. He even led the crowd in “Lock Her Up!” chants and referring to her as “Crooked Hillary.”

“We’ve said time and again that so much of what Donald Trump does is just out of ignorance,” he thundered. “He’s never read history, he’s never understood history, he’s never cared to understand history. He still doesn’t care to understand history or what constitutional norms are or what a president can and cannot do, what the president should or shouldn’t do.”

It all culminated into an epic smackdown to conclude his analysis of the growing scandal.

“In this case, they knew because they were leading chants for a year and a half to imprison a political opponent because she used a private email server for public business. In fact, Donald Trump brought it up at the second debate, said he was going to get an independent counsel to investigate it, said he was going to lock her up. There is no way, they’re ignorant, these Trumps — they don’t understand government, they never did understand government, they don’t care to understand government. I know firsthand. They think they are smarter than everybody else, that they are not chained to history. Well, they are. But in this case, she knew better, and she chose to break the law anyway.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Ivanka Trump knew what she was doing and she got caught. Now she has to pay the consequences for her actions. Congress will undoubtedly investigate, and frankly, she should resign. But no matter what happens, Ivanka is going to be showered with “Lock her up!” chants in karmic retribution for the way her father has treated Hillary Clinton since 2016.


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