Joe Scarborough Outs Obama as Jedi (Video)

Joe Scarborough Outs Obama as Jedi (Video)

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On MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, Joe Scarborough hilariously, and rather astutely, pointed out that former President Obama might be controlling President Trump with “Jedi mind tricks.”

He claimed that the upon leaving office, the Former President must have traveled to the island where Luke Skywalker learned his Jedi skills and that he “[came] back with these extraordinary Jedi mind tricks.”

Scarborough was addressing recent comments made by the President regarding the Russian election meddling and Trump’s comments about the American Health Care Act.

Trump on Russian Interference

President Trump has long refused to say that Russians meddled in the 2016 election. He has continuously left open the possibility that the hacking was done by someone else.

Joe Scarborough said, “Everybody’s been trying to get him [Trump] to admit…that the Russians meddled with our elections. And Barack Obama comes back and says, ‘the Russians meddled with our elections’ and [Trump] writes a tweet – ‘the Russians meddled with our elections.’”

Trump on “Mean” AHCA

Similarly, Trump was said to have recently called the AHCA “mean” in private conversation. Former President Obama reacted to the Senate version of the AHCA, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, attacking the bill’s “fundamental meanness”.

Then in an interview with Fox and Friends Trump said, “Well he used my term, mean. That was my term because I want to see — and I speak from the heart, that’s what I want to see. I want to see a bill with heart.” Trump admitted to calling the House bill, the same bill he celebrated in the Rose Garden, mean.

Joe Scarborough said of the admission, “Republican senators and House members are fighting for their political lives…and just because Donald Trump is so crazy and so jealous of Barack Obama, [Obama] gets him to admit that the healthcare bill is ‘mean.’”