Joe The Plumber Proudly Insults Teachers Who Aren’t Grateful For Their “Buck Fifty” (Video)

Joe The Plumber Proudly Insults Teachers Who Aren’t Grateful For Their “Buck Fifty” (Video)

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We haven’t seen much of Joe the Plumber since he “pal’d around with Sarah Palin” during the 2008 election campaign. Since then, he has popped up occasionally, usually to insult or threaten his fellow humans in some self-serving way.

In 2012, During a campaign rally for Arizona State Senator Lori Klein, Joe Wurzelbacher (his real name) said, “For years I’ve said, you know, put a damn fence on the border, going to Mexico and start shooting.”

In 2014, after a series of brutal killings,  Joe couldn’t be bothered with empathy or feelings, it was all about him —  “As harsh as this sounds—your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights … We still have the Right to Bear Arms … Any feelings you have toward my rights being taken away from me, lose those.” he told the grieving families.

This time, Joe was back to defend Paul Ryan’s tweet where he said a school secretary should be grateful for getting a mere dollar fifty increase in her pay as a result of Trump’s tax cuts. The faux plumber appeared on Fox Business Network’s “Risk and Reward” …

“As far as this dollar fifty comment, that’s just a part of the story. As the media does on a regular basis, they take a snippet and they are gonna run with it. They aren’t talking about what her husband makes — what their combined salary is. This tax cut is for the majority of Americans. Is it gonna hurt or hinder some people? Sure. But that teacher isn’t putting anybody to work. Donald Trump is.”

See the “snippet” below:

Wow, a lot to unpack in such a relatively small quote. Let’s start with the fact that what the “media ran with” wasn’t a “snippet, it was Paul Ryan’s tweet. One so embarrassing that he deleted it in short order after he posted it.

In case you missed it, here’s the now infamous tweet:

Next, “let’s talk about what her husband makes.” here we get inside Joe’s mind. It matters not what she makes, it’s about what her husband makes. Joe basically reduces her career down to a hobby. something to bide her time in between being barefoot and pregnant. Someone might want to let him know that in millions of households the wife makes more than the husband.

Sidenote: Such a dynamic (wife earns more) tends to make the husband more partisan and for GOPers, that means “more right-wing.” 

By the way, there is nothing in that tweet that even indicates she has a husband.

Finally, Joe really shows “what kind of man he is” when he offers the thought that this tax cut is for the ‘majority of Americans” and that apparently doesn’t include people who work at schools. The plumber falsely identifies her as a teacher, when she is a secretary. But no matter, as Joe obviously has contempt for anyone who works at a school. Furthermore, Joe reminds us that this tax cut is for millionaire and billionaire “job creators” like Donald Trump.

Another sidenote: Joe attacks the ‘media” when he himself started a media company in 2012.