Judge Gives Trump Admin Middle Finger On Transgender Troop Lawsuit

Judge Gives Trump Admin Middle Finger On Transgender Troop Lawsuit

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A Federal judge recently shot down the Trump regime’s despicable attempts to quash a transgender troop lawsuit against the transgender military ban and lift the injunction blocking the ban from taking effect.

U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly seemed to directly challenge the ruling when she wrote that the transgender troop policy outlined by Defense Secretary James Mattis in March as very little different from Trump’s plan to ban transgender people from the military. She was quite clear in her decision.

Instead, at a fundamental level, the Mattis Implementation Plan is just that — a plan that implements the president’s directive that transgender people be excluded from the military,” wrote Kollar-Kotelly, an appointee of former President Clinton.

Kotelly would continue to discuss the how the circumstances have done nothing to change the lawsuit.

Nothing in this Memorandum Opinion represents a final adjudication of whether defendants’ actions were constitutional. The court merely holds that whatever legal relevance the Mattis Implementation Plan might have, it has not fundamentally changed the circumstances of this lawsuit such that plaintiffs’ claims should be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction, or that the need for the court’s preliminary injunction has dissipated.

Her opinion directly relates to a lawsuit filed by GLADD, an organization that fights for LGBT rights and presently fighting on behalf of five unnamed service members and two recruits.

The Trump administration’s arguments to dismiss our lawsuit and move forward with the trans military ban are full of sweeping generalizations and false stereotypes about transgender people, Jennifer Levi, GLAD’s transgender rights project director, said in a statement It’s clear Judge Kollar-Kotelly isn’t buying it—and neither should anyone else.

Trump might have the entire GOP cowering before his tiny hands, but it seems the courts continue to show that we still live in a system with checks and balances.


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