Kellyanne Conway Scoffs At Prospect Of Midterm ‘Blue Wave,’ Attacks Medicare For All

Kellyanne Conway Scoffs At Prospect Of Midterm ‘Blue Wave,’ Attacks Medicare For All

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With each day and every new poll, the midterm election looks increasingly positive for Democrats, who are expected to retake control of the House of Representatives and may also win seats in the Senate.

But according to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, the predicted “blue wave” may not materialize. And she’s basing that prediction on what happened in the 2016 election.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning, Conway remarked:

“Let’s not forget the same geniuses that predicted a huge romp by that woman who lost in 2016 are the same people predicting a huge win by the Democrats this time. So we have to be a little bit cautious.”

Conway then added:

“Historical trends mean that the party in power loses seats in the House. This is just a president who defies trends. And rather than repeating history he tends to make history.”

Especially when he Russian and Vladimir Putin lend him a hand and help get him elected. Right, Kellyanne?

While she was at it, Conway also took a shot at the idea of Medicare for all, a policy being touted by some Democrats:

“It is anti-senior, anti choice. You’ll lose your doctor, it’ll destroy Medicare Advantage, and I know Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t say what it would cost so let me help her out again: About $32 trillion dollars is the estimate of its price tag.”

Of course, Conway offered no facts to back up her specious claims, probably because she has none.

As for her talk of the midterm not being as bad as expected for Republicans, that echoes comments President Donald Trump has made of a “red wave” in November. But as political scientist Larry Sabato remarked on MSNBC Tuesday:

“His re-election campaign is running flat-out and I think they know that even if Republicans hold the Senate given the very pro-Republican map that exists, President Trump is in trouble in some of these states, he’s fallen considerably.

“Red wave ain’t gonna happen, it’s just a question of how big the blue wave is.”