Kellyanne Conway Once Again Shows She Is No Friend To Women

Kellyanne Conway Once Again Shows She Is No Friend To Women

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Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President, went on Fox on Wednesday and managed to call condemnation of Harvey Weinstein a pro-Trump position. That’s right, a counselor to President Trump tried to twist condemnation of a serial sexual harasser and misogynist into a pro-Trump stance.

While those not living in an alternate reality listened in bewildered amazement, Conway attempted to take some sort of credit for her serial sexual harasser and misogynist boss. She said, “I’m happy and heartened and proud of many Democrats across the aisle and a lot of people in the mainstream media who are very anti-Trump coming forward about this.”

The tie-in is apparently Weinstein’s political affiliation. He is a Democrat with ties to Hillary Clinton. Of course, that is the issue Trump and his allies take with Weinstein. There is no genuine concern over the rampant abuse of power, sexism, and abuse that persists throughout the country. They are simply pleased this time it was a Democrat who was caught.

Conway isn’t alone in her approach. Fox’s Tucker Carlson said on Tuesday, “The bigger scandal is the reaction to it – or the lack of reaction. Harvey Weinstein isn’t just a movie producer; he’s a political figure on the left, a major donor to the Democratic Party, a personal friend to countless liberal activists and politicians. All of which helps explain why the reaction from self-described defenders of women has been so muted.”

That’s right; the bigger picture isn’t the fact that countless women were subjected to abuse by this man for decades, the bigger issue is that he is a Democrat. Where was the outrage over the abuses suffered at the hands of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly? It wasn’t heard from the White House.

Conway didn’t stop there, she defaulted to the standard Trump line of attack, go after the “nasty woman.” She said of Hillary Clinton, “On this, I felt like a woman who ran to be commander in chief and president of the United States who talks about women’s empowerment took an awfully long time to give support to those women who were coming forward and has still as far as we know kept the money.”

How long will it take Ms. Conway to come out in support of the women who have come forward against her boss?