Doctors Tell Kevin Smith That Marijuana Kept Him From Dying From Heart Attack (Video)

Doctors Tell Kevin Smith That Marijuana Kept Him From Dying From Heart Attack (Video)

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Comedian and filmmaker Kevin Smith is lucky to be alive after suffering a “widowmaker” heart attack in February, and he has marijuana to thank for it as he told Stephen Colbert.

After performing stand-up comedy at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California on February 25th, Smith experienced nausea and excessive sweating stemming from a total blockage of the left anterior descending artery. This type of massive heart attack usually kills most of those it strikes.

But not Smith. He survived.

And it turns out that the very plant that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is waging war against is the plant that kept Smith alive.

During an appearance on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, Smith told the story of his heart attack, a story he has no problem telling because he wants to raise awareness to the fact that not all heart attacks have the same symptoms.

For instance, Smith did not experience pain in his left arm, a tell-tale sign that one is having a heart attack.

One thing Smith did during his heart attack, is stay calm, which saved his life. Not only did the paramedics credit Smith’s smoking “too much weed” that day, the doctor confirmed it.

“The whole time, I’m chill,” Smith said. “The paramedic, he goes, ‘You’re being real calm. That’s going to get you through this.’ There was a dude behind him who goes, ‘That’s what’s going to save his life.’ I was like, ‘What does that part mean?’”

“I’d smoked a bunch of weed that day because I was doing the show, and then I smoked a joint right before the show,” Smith continued. “Then I got off stage and all of a sudden I had a heart attack. And I asked my doctor after this was all done, I was like, ‘I hate to ask this question, man, but did I have a heart attack because of the weed? Because I smoked a joint right before the show.’”

“He goes, ‘No, in fact, quite the opposite. That weed saved your life,’” Smith said. “And I was like, Do tell, man. What do you mean?’ He said, ‘You kept calm. They told you that you were having a massive heart attack, and you remained calm the whole time, so that joint saved your life.’ I was like, ‘I’m putting that on a T-shirt.’”

Smith went on to tell the rest of the story, including that he was telling jokes and chatting throughout the ordeal and that he was wheeled up to the operating room.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

So, not only can marijuana be used to treat cancer, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain, it can keep you calm in the event of a heart attack. And considering 790,000 Americans have a heart attack every year, it’s even more important to fight for legalizing it.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot