Laid Off GM Worker Says She Blames Trump For Loss Of Her Job

Laid Off GM Worker Says She Blames Trump For Loss Of Her Job

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This week, General Motors (GM) announced that it would close up to five plants in the U.S. and Canada and slash at least 14,000 jobs over the next two years as part of a larger restructuring plan brought about by fading sales of small cars and steep trade tariffs imposed by President Donald Trump.

For his part, Trump blamed GM and threatened to end all subsidies for electric cars manufactured by the company, though he would need Congressional approval to do so.

But according to 55-year-old Nanette Senters, who has worked at the Lordstown, Ohio, assembly plant for the past two decades, Trump is responsible for her losing her job:

“There’s a lot of blame to go around. I blame a lot of it on our president. I think it all started when Trump repealed the [Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard].

“The CAFE standard meant that you could produce small cars that are energy-efficient and that would kind of balance out the building of big trucks and gas guzzlers. Building the Cruze meant that GM could also build many big trucks and still meet fuel efficiency standards.

“Then there’s his trade wars and his unfinished trade deals, which are hurting the entire country. Ford, Chrysler, Honeywell — they are all outsourcing good union jobs. The jobs being created are not good-paying jobs. They are $12-an-hour jobs.”

Senters, who cares for her ailing 84-year-old mother, said she knew Trump was lying when he said he’d bring millions of manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.:

“All of the president’s rhetoric has divided the workforce horribly. I was here when Trump had a rally here last summer.He said, don’t sell your house, do not worry about that. I am going to bring jobs back.

“I didn’t believe him. From day one, I could see what he was — the way he managed to give people false hope. A lot of people are still hoping he will save them now. It’s disturbing.”

But Senters noted that GM is also taking out their own financial downturn on the workers:

“I’m sure GM is probably just preparing itself for a potential recession. But they can do it more humanely.

“To just say, ‘You’re done,’ is wrong. Yes, a company is supposed to make money. But they did get all kinds of money from those tax cuts, and they are still doing this. I am so disappointed. They always take things out on workers.”

As for Trump, Senters is convinced he’s not the least bit concerned about the fact that her $30 and hour job is gone:

“Basically, since he’s been in office, it has been an assault on good-paying jobs. What he’s doing is not translating into anything good for middle-class America.”

Featured Image Via General Motors