Largest Federal Employee Union Led Massive ‘Red For Feds’ Rallies Nationwide To Protest Trump’s Executive Orders

Largest Federal Employee Union Led Massive ‘Red For Feds’ Rallies Nationwide To Protest Trump’s Executive Orders

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The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest federal employee union representing 700,000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide and overseas. On July 25, AFGE members across the country took part in the “Red for Feds” protest of Trump’s “union-busting, democracy-busting executive orders.” (EOs)

The protest got little coverage in the news, but what could be more important than standing up for the rights of America’s federal workers and veterans?

Veterans take note: This is an attack on your rights.

According to the AFGE website, one of the executive orders under protest was detailed in a memo sent to the AFGE by the Department of Veterans Affairs on July 17. The union says that the VA detailed “how it plans to take away your due process and workplace protections,” and lists four specific ways the VA plans to target government employee’s use of official time.

One of the points:

“The VA is heavily restricting when and how union volunteers can use official time to represent you, making it harder for you to pursue justice and prevail.”

Now the AFGE is fighting back against what they call “illegal EOs.” On the same day as the Red for Feds rallies, the union’s attorneys will make their oral arguments at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Some members of Congress and those running for office also took part in the widespread protests:

The Trump administration’s alleged “attempt to silence workers and remove our rights” has been duly noted by the largest union of federal workers. Now they are standing up against Trump in court.

It looks like the Red For Feds rallies were an enormous success, although you might not have seen them in the news.

Let’s carry this red tide of momentum and turn it into the blue wave that will stand up for workers’ rights at the polls this November.



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