Larry The Cable Guy Owns Anti-Semitic Wisconsin Candidate With Two Surprisingly Scholarly Lines

Larry The Cable Guy Owns Anti-Semitic Wisconsin Candidate With Two Surprisingly Scholarly Lines

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There’s nothing better than to watch a conservative “Christian” get humiliated, and comedian Larry the Cable Guy delivered exactly that on Monday.

Paul Nehlen, an extreme right-wing candidate, is running in Wisconsin to oust House Speaker Paul Ryan in November.

It’s unknown if Ryan will seek reelection, but this challenge from the alt-right will be a tough primary, particularly now that Donald Trump has the allegiance of the conservative base, which includes evangelicals like Nehlen who support Trump’s Jerusalem decision.

Nehlen openly embraces white supremacy and anti-Semitism, and it was his anti-Semitism that drew a lot of attention this week.

After a Twitter user pointed out to Nehlen that Jesus was a Jew, he responded by saying that Jews will “burn in hell.”

This drew a response from Larry the Cable Guy, who proceeded to use the Bible to smack Nehlen down.

Nehlen claimed to agree with Larry the Cable Guy, but insisted that Jews are “in for hellfire” upon Jesus’ return.

So, Larry the Cable Guy hit Nehlen with a direct quote from the Bible that commands believers to treat people with “Gentleness and respect.”

Nehlen stopped responding afterward.

Larry the Cable Guy clearly owned Nehlen, but Nehlen apparently learned nothing. The same day, Nehlen went on a Twitter rant about Jews in the media and repeatedly said that Jews are going to hell.

If anything, Larry the Cable Guy demonstrated that there are still good Christians out there who are willing to fight twisted fake “Christians” like Paul Nehlen. Unfortunately, he also demonstrated that fake “Christians” like Nehlen will just continue to peddle their twisted beliefs no matter what.

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