Fox Regular Lisa Boothe Lies To Protect Trump 3 Times In 30 Seconds (Video)

Fox Regular Lisa Boothe Lies To Protect Trump 3 Times In 30 Seconds (Video)

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In the past, many have accused Fox News of being “less than truthful.” Fox has ways of getting their fans to buy whatever they are selling. One of the most common tactics they like to use is subtly changing a word or two from the actual facts and, in effect, changing the entire context of a fact or situation.

Today, on Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner, Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe showed everyone exactly how that is done. Not intentionally, of course, but in just 30 seconds, Boothe gave out three lies — not by blatantly lying, but just changing a bit of the story or wording so it ends up meaning something completely different.

Here’s the first lie, regarding the motives behind the FISA warrant renewal for Carter Page:

I think the concern here is the fact of what you got from the Nunes memo as well as what Senators Grassley and Graham laid out — and the fact that the dossier was used to obtain a FISA warrant against someone who used to be affiliated with the Trump campaign.

What Boothe did here was clever. She asserts that the dossier was used to obtain the warrant. That might be kind of true, in a sense, but it is really not. First off, this wasn’t a fresh warrant — it was a renewal. Carter Page has been a subject of an investigation by the FBI since 2013. The second thing she pulled was making it like the dossier was the only basis — it wasn’t.

Boothe then really played a subtle little trick. Notice in the next quote how she uses the word “couldn’t” when referring to Steele backing up his dossier:

The big – big issue here is also the credibility of Steele because he even said in a British court that he cannot verify his own dossier that the FBI used to obtain a FISA warrant.

The fact is that Steele can verify much of it, but for national security reasons, his lawyers have pushed back on the demands of a lawsuit filed by Russian Aleksej Gubarev in Orlando, Florida. It isn’t that they cannot, it is that they want to limit the scope further than the Russian and his lawyers want. In fact, the company that Steele was working for, Fusion GPS has testified and many parts of the dossier have been verified.

None of that is true. Three lies in 30 seconds. All with a smile and looking “credible” to their and Trump’s base.

Check out the full clip of Lisa Boothe following the Fox playbook perfectly and being subtly deceitful below: