Losing Republican Congressman Says Too Many People Are Allowed To Vote

Losing Republican Congressman Says Too Many People Are Allowed To Vote

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On Monday, another Congressional race in California was called for the Democratic challenger — giving Democrats a gain of 40 seats in the House — and that led a defeated GOP Congressman to suggest on CNN that too many people are allowed to cast ballots.

Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) told host John Berman:

“Moving eight to ten points the weeks after the election is unbelievable,. That’s something that, as Republicans in California, we have to look at.”

Berman asked Denham the logical follow-up question:

“Are you actually alleging some kind of malfeasance here?”

Denham doubled down, alleging that “motor voter” and same-day voter registration had led to the losses Republicans suffered in the midterm:

“We changed our laws several times in California over the last couple of election cycles. It is different phenomenon in California than what we saw across the rest of the country.”

The CNN host again asked:

“But these are all legal votes, correct?”

Denham resolutely refused to answer the query. Berman then asked a third time:

“Do you dispute the fact that these are legal votes? You don’t think it was legal votes that cost them the election?”

The losing congressman continued to insist that “the laws have changed several times,” so Berman again asked if Denham was alleging voter fraud of some kind:

“You’re adding an element of uncertainty here. You are suggesting something else, or at least you are open to the possibility that there was something else, that there was some kind of fraud going on here?”

In response, Denham suggested that “new voters” in California had made invalid choices when they cast their ballots, though he didn’t offer a shred of evidence to support his claim.

Clearly, Republicans realize they cannot possibly win free and fair elections, so they try and disenfranchise voters the way former Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp did. Kemp refused to process thousands of voter registrations and also tossed out absentee and provisional ballots at the same time he was running for governor, a post he won by the slimmest of margins.

If the GOP wants to know why people don’t trust them, they need look no further than Congressman Denham.

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