Lou Dobbs: Time To Eliminate The FBI Because ‘The Deep State Is Armed And Dangerous’

Lou Dobbs: Time To Eliminate The FBI Because ‘The Deep State Is Armed And Dangerous’

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As Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues to issue indictments and the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort approaches next week, those who ardently support the president are starting to lose what’s left of their sanity and suggesting that the FBI is no longer needed.

Take, for example, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, who is advocating that the FBI be completely dismantled because it’s a threat to the freedom of Americans.

On his show Monday evening, Dobbs was speaking with Andy McCarthy of National Review, who told Dobbs:

“Let me speak up though for my own experience which has always been that whatever was going on in headquarters, the rank-and-file of the FBI has always been very effective.”

Dobbs, however, was having none of it, commenting:

“I can see you with your heart reaching out to the old institution that you served. We appreciate that. But this is not the same institution. It is not the same people, and the leadership sure as hell isn’t the same.”

The leadership of the FBI, it should be noted, is Christopher Wray, who was handpicked by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the GOP-controlled Senate.

And Dobbs was only getting warmed up, putting on his tinfoil hat and declaring:

“These are, these are the smallest people imaginable that we could have at the top of those once storied institutions. They have become a blight on this society, a burden on our people, and to get citizens and we don’t know where the national security interests rests because, frankly, those intelligence agencies that include the FBI have so skewered it, I don’t know if it is ever retrievable.”

Before he was finished, Dobbs had also accused the FBI of being part of the “deep state,” and the need to dismantle the organization, remarking:

“I think you have to take apart the FBI — As long as they are there, the deep state is armed and dangerous.”

Here’s the thing about Dobbs, Trump, and anyone else who wants to try and trash the FBI: When the agency was investigating Hillary Clinton’s email server, they were hailing the FBI as the greatest thing on planet earth. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, suddenly the premier law enforcement agency in the country is a threat to our liberty. There are hypocrites, and then there’s Trumpkins.

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