Maddow: Trump Isn’t Going After His Critics, He’s After The Witnesses

Maddow: Trump Isn’t Going After His Critics, He’s After The Witnesses

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Rachel Maddow spelled out another alarming pattern of obstruction of justice for Donald J. Trump: Although it would appear he is on a rampage against anyone who criticizes him, the details show that he’s actually carefully picking off the witnesses whose testimony of classified information could very well spell the end of his administration.

Maddow shows exactly how Trump is doing it, leaving no doubt.

“He’s not after his critics. He’s after the witnesses,” says Maddow.

1. He fired James Comey and then told the public in a televised Lester Holt interview that he did so because of the Russia investigation. It was surreal fifteen months ago because it was so clearly obstruction of justice, and it remains just as surreal now.

Why that got a pass from Republicans in Congress remains another sign that “nothing matters” when it comes to Trump, as spoofed by Saturday Night Live.

Maddow responds:

“We have to refuse to believe that ‘nothing matters.’ We can’t accept that nothing matters. Obstruction of Justice is a thing. Presidents are not allowed to do that thing. The only question that we’re living through now is how this President might get stopped from doing it,” says Maddow.

2. On Wednesday, Trump admitted to obstruction of justice again in an exclusive from the conservative-leaning Wall Street Journal.

“President Trump drew a direct connection between the special counsel investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election and his decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan and review the clearances of several other former officials,” stated the Journal.

Trump explicitly said once more that he eliminated Brennan’s security clearance because of the Russia investigation, not because of Brennan’s ongoing criticism of the President.

“I call it the rigged witch hunt, [it] is a sham,” said Trump. “And these people led it! So I think it’s something that had to be done.”

So once more, it’s clearly obstruction of justice in black and white again, but as before, nothing seems to matter anymore to the Republican Congress.

3. Every person that Trump put on a list of officials who lose their security clearances is now a former government official, with one exception: Bruce Ohr, current DOJ official. Every single one of the ten people was an official during the Russia attack on our elections. It reads like an “enemy’s list,” as noted by Senator Mark Warner of Virginia.

Trump's "enemy's list"

Trump’s “enemy’s list”

4. Former CIA Director, John Brennan is retired, and the only reason he would use his security clearance now is to review his files to be prepared for congressional committee hearings and interviews by staff.

Now, he won’t be able to do that to prepare for possible testimony in the ongoing Mueller investigations.

“We have good reason, after all, to think a bunch of these people might have important things to say, provided they can speak about classified material in a classified setting,” explains Maddow.

James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence asks:

“Where does it end?”

Will Trump attempt to yank the security clearance of special counsel Mueller and his team next?

“Why wouldn’t he do that?” asks Maddow.

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