Marco Rubio Opens Twitter Investigation into “Failed” Hug

Marco Rubio Opens Twitter Investigation into “Failed” Hug

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Ivanka Trump went to Capitol Hill yesterday to talk about paid parental leave, where she ran into Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). Upon greeting her, Rubio appeared to try to hug her, emphasis on the try.

People’s responses to the “failed hug” ranged from amusement to disgust. For his part, Marco Rubio made light of the greeting in a tweet storm later Wednesday. He began by claiming he had just learned of the situation and would open an investigation.

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He then informed the public that he would be seeking out further evidence.

He requested help in his fact-finding efforts

Shortly after Rubio tweeted this picture

And then the breaking news

After a review of the evidence, Rubio closed the investigation.

Look at that; even Marco Rubio has a covfefe joke!

For her part, Ivanka Trump played along with the Twitter fun.

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The Twitter “investigation” was funny. What makes the ordeal a lot less funny is the fact that the biggest take away from her trip to Capitol Hill was this encounter. Was there no reason to have a conversation about the issue she was there to address? Of course, she did indeed have the conversation with lawmakers that she went there to have. It seems people have little interest in the substantive discussion, why talk details when we can look at a beautiful woman and a man who looked foolish? Paid parental leave is important to the country, and Ivanka Trump claims it is important to her. It may be even more important than who the pretty lady did or did not hug!