Memory-Challenged Orrin Hatch Whines The GOP Never Held Up Obama’s Judicial Nominees

Memory-Challenged Orrin Hatch Whines The GOP Never Held Up Obama’s Judicial Nominees

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The next time Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) goes for his physical exam, he may want to have his doctor test him for memory loss, because the senator cannot seem to recall how his party held up the nomination of Merrick Garland to be a justice on the Supreme Court a couple of years ago.

At a press conference Thursday to discuss President Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, Hatch began by praising the few Senate Democrats who have agreed to meet with Judge Kavanaugh:

“I really want to thank the Democrats who have stood up for Judge Kavanaugh. We can’t keep going down this partisan, picky, stupid, dumbass road that happened around here for so long. I’m sick and tired of it to be honest with you.”

Paging Mitch McConnell! Did you hear what Senator Hatch just said? The partisan stuff needs to end. So how about you give Judge Garland a hearing now? (We won’t hold our breath waiting for that.)

Hatch then added this incredibly ironic and hypocritical rejoinder:

“Frankly, we didn’t treat their candidates for these positions the way they are treating ours. And I would like to see us hopefully break through and change that attitude with regard to Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.”

Clearly, it’s long past time for Senator Hatch to retire; his memory is completely shot. Or perhaps the reason for his comments is even more disturbing: He’s suggesting there needs to be one standard for judicial nominees from Republican presidents and another for those from Democrats.

Whatever the reason, here’s a better suggestion for Senator Hatch: Sit down and shut up.

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