Mika Brzezinski Speaks Her Mind And Walks Away From Weinstein Book Deal

Mika Brzezinski Speaks Her Mind And Walks Away From Weinstein Book Deal

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Mika Brzezinski was the face of courage this morning. While most of Hollywood remained silent over the firing of Harvey Weinstein from his own company over multiple allegations of blatant sexual harassment¬†and abuse of his female employees, Mika unequivocally showed her courage. Outlets reported that they could not get anyone in Hollywood to speak ill of Weinstein, who still holds strong influence and spreads a lot of money around Hollywood. As the New York Times reported over the weekend, they approached around 40 “players” in Tinseltown, and almost no one would go on the record to speak out against Weinstein. Keep in mind, this is the same crowd that loves to go on awards shows and blast others from “on high” over any indiscretion or issue that they feel important that day. When the story puts their industry in an unflattering light (to be polite) they become a town of deaf and mute know-nothings.

Brzezinski didn’t take that approach On Morning Joe. The host spoke out against him and put her money where her mouth is. She announced that she was walking away from a very lucrative book deal with a publishing company owned by Weinstein.

Check out the report and Mika’s strong stand below:

“Cause it’s just not worth it — what’s the point?” she remarked. “Especially these books. These books are educating women on how to understand their value and communicate it effectively. These are really good books and they can’t be funded by (or) out of a company run by a guy who’s alleged perverted activity.¬†Who has abused women over the course of years — it’s just impossible.”

Mika also added her “shock” over the lack of response from both women and men in Hollywood.

Hopefully, more people in Hollywood and in politics ( including Hillary Clinton and President Obama, whose daughter worked for one of Weinstein’s companies) will step up and show the bravery and consistent principles that Mika Brzezinski did today.