Morning Mika Takes Down Trump’s Latest Twitter Lies Point By Point (Video)

Morning Mika Takes Down Trump’s Latest Twitter Lies Point By Point (Video)

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Joe Scarborough may have had the day off today but that didn’t stop the Morning Joe crew, led by Mika Brzezinski, to do what they do best — take Trump’s lies to the woodshed.

Without any spoilers, you can check out her brilliant takedown below:

Brzezinski began by pointing out that despite Team Trump acting like the highly politicized firing of Andrew McCabe was some justified event as if he didn’t “predict” what he was going to do months ago.

From there, the AM Joe co-host knocked down the false assertion that the highly partisan House Intel Committee said: “there was no collusion” between the campaign and the Russians.

That isn’t true — the fact is, as Mika pointed out, is that the committee simply didn’t look for collusion nor did it actually interview people like George Papadopolous, who has already pled guilty to crimes.

Mika then went on to take apart the next sentence in that Tweet where Trump attacks the FBI, Justice Department and Department of State. She reminds us that the GOP used to be the defenders of such institutions and that the traditional complaint was that they were too “conservative.” Now, under Trump, the GOP acts like the FBI et al. is some bastion of liberalism — it isn’t, and never has been.

She aptly pointed out that this attack, like most others over the past 2 years, was met with no pushback from the Republican leadership. They are now strangely silent instead of defending the institutions they always have.

Trump then tried to attack Andrew McCabe and insinuated a conflict of interest when the fact is that McCabe disclosed all the campaign contributions his wife had received and sought guidance from the department long before Trump ever made a beef over them.

In response to Trump saying the Mueller probe should have never been started and there was no crime, Brzezinski noted that the probe was started after Trump’s shady firing of Jim Comey, and that five of Trump’s minions have been indicted and pled guilty to crimes.

She didn’t stop there — she persisted …

When Trump claimed that the investigation is based on a “fake dossier” paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign — Brzezinski reminds us that Carter Page’s mouth got that ball rolling.

And when it comes to contributing to HRC and Democrats, nobody tops Trump. Also, Mueller, Comey, Rod Rosenstein and many others involved in this are lifelong Republicans.

So basically nothing Trump tweeted was true. Kudos to Mika for the great and succinct breakdown of the actual facts.


Featured image is a screen capture from the video above.