Mitt Romney Hypocritically Thanks Trump For Endorsing Him

Mitt Romney Hypocritically Thanks Trump For Endorsing Him

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Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney just committed the mother of all flip-flops by accepting an endorsement from President Donald Trump.

Throughout the 2012 presidential campaign, Romney was repeatedly criticized for flip-flopping on the issues. It was a criticism that contributed to his defeat by former President Barack Obama, who won a second term that year.

Upon Trump’s entry into the 2016 campaign, Romney publicly spoke out in opposition to his candidacy, telling a crowd in March of that year that Trump “has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president.”

“Donald Trump is a fraud, a phony,” he said. “His promises are worth less than a degree from Trump University.”

Up to now, Romney had been a critic of Trump, which is why his announcement to run for a Utah Senate seat to replace outgoing Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has generated some excitement. After all, Hatch proved to be nothing more than a Trump crony and enabler. Romney was supposed to be different.

But, it appears Romney is back to his flip-flopping ways because old habits die hard.

On Tuesday, Trump officially endorsed Romney on Twitter.

Rather than reject Trump’s endorsement, he accepted it.

Yeah, that was his first massive mistake, and Twitter users told him so.

Twitter even reminded him of this little gem he wrote on Twitter in 2016.

Trump has said and done far worse since taking office, including an effort to block Romney from running for the Senate, yet Romney just literally accepted his endorsement.

Even his opponent, U.S. Senate candidate Jenny Wilson, took a shot at him for flip-flopping.

The nation just watched a Republican Senate Candidate derail his entire campaign with a single post on Twitter. Mitt Romney is a spineless coward who will clearly flip-flop at the drop of a MAGA hat.

His past statements and criticisms aimed at Trump now mean absolutely nothing. If you were hoping that Romney would be that Republican voice who would stand up to Trump, you have to be seriously disappointed right now. Romney sold-out and bowed down to Trump the first chance he got.

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