Morning Joe: Giuliani Unwittingly Made Mueller More Popular Than Trump

Morning Joe: Giuliani Unwittingly Made Mueller More Popular Than Trump

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Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough observed on Thursday morning that President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani should probably stop attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller because his strategy is totally backfiring.

For months, Giuliani has been viciously attacking Mueller and the Russia investigation. Some wondered whether the American people would side with Trump over Mueller because of Giuliani’s assaults, but new polls reveal the opposite.

As it turns out, a new CNN poll shows that more Americans support Mueller more than Trump, while nearly 50 percent want Trump impeached and over 70 percent want him to testify to Mueller.

All of those numbers have grown since Giuliani began attacking Mueller, Scarborough pointed out.

“Rudy Giuliani has been trashing him,” he said. “There have been a lot of people in the media saying maybe what Rudy has been doing is working. Maybe Americans are such fools that they’re gonna believe Rudy lying every day, changing his story.”

Not so fast, the Morning Joe host explained …

“Robert Mueller today has a percentage of approval from the American people than he ever has, highest approval ratings ever, 20 points higher than Donald Trump,” Scarborough said. “He keeps going up, Trump keeps going down. You would think somebody at the special counsel’s office, maybe they should send Rudy some flowers and thank him because he’s been doing nothing but help Robert Mueller.”

Scarborough then slammed Republicans in Congress for being duped by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

“You have these dupes in the House of Representatives who — they’re not just being dupes for Donald Trump — but now since they’re trying to obstruct a Russian investigation and interfering with democracy, they’re now — they’re being dupes for Vladimir Putin,” he said. “Does that play in the Deep South? Because I’m from the Deep South and that ain’t ever played in Dixie. That’s never played where I come from.”

Scarborough concluded by noting that while an increasing number of Americans wants Trump impeached, impeachment won’t happen if Democrats don’t have a two-thirds majority in the Senate.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

But it should be pointed out that Democrats are surging in not just House races as November approaches, they are closing in on perhaps taking back the Senate. If Democrats hold both the House and Senate, they can control the committees and launch investigations against Trump that could result in more damning revelations that could force some Republicans to join Democrats in impeaching him.


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