Morning Joe Lists Examples Of Trump Administration’s Corruption In A Fact-Filled Takedown

Morning Joe Lists Examples Of Trump Administration’s Corruption In A Fact-Filled Takedown

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Morning Joe perfectly demonstrated on Thursday morning that President Donald Trump didn’t drain the swamp when he took office, he made it murkier and became the swamp king.

During a discussion about the news that Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) got busted for securities fraud and insider trading, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough and the panel listed other examples of corruption within the Trump administration.

“Collins is just the latest member in the Trump orbit to find himself in legal jeopardy over financial gain,” Scarborough said before name-dropping Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen.

“And then there’s sitting and former members of Trump’s cabinet with questions of financial misdoing,” he continued. “Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’ business practices have sparked lawsuits, reimbursements and a fine from the SEC. Former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was questioned about a favorable purchase of a stock…Price was fired amidst scandals and his use of private jets. And then there’s former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.”

Pruitt resigned amid multiple scandals, including use of private planes, installing a sound-proof telephone booth in his office, wasting taxpayers dollars on excessive personal security, ordering his staff to get his wife a job and run other personal errands, purchasing thousands of dollars worth of pens with his name on them, staying in a condo owned by a lobbyist, and several other scandals too numerous to mention.

“Talk about the swamp!” Scarborough continued. “It’s now up to Trump’s neck!” Scarborough went on, “There is such a culture of corruption there. Somebody yesterday said that Collins had to feel picked on when you had Wilbur Ross, in their words, doing insider trading at a pace the guy thought he only had two weeks to live.” After ranting some more, the AM Joe host concluded with “There is just a culture of corruption and, as they say, the fish rots from the head.”

Willie Geist chimed in by pointing out that Trump’s own family is also corrupt because they still profit from their hotels and other business ventures after they all refused to place their businesses in a blind trust to avoid conflicts of interest, unlike previous presidents. In fact, an emoluments lawsuit is currently underway against Trump.

Justice and security analyst Matthew Miller concluded the discussion by noting that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin have also been scrutinized for using private planes to travel and that Republicans in Congress are just as corrupt for letting this corruption continue unchecked.

In between all that, there’s more.

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