Morning Joe Pounds Trump For Snubbing John McCain During Bill Signing Ceremony

Morning Joe Pounds Trump For Snubbing John McCain During Bill Signing Ceremony

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Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough had strong words for President Donald Trump after Trump snubbed Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) during a ceremony to sign a military defense spending bill bearing his name.

Trump spoke for 28 minutes on Monday during the ceremony, but never once mentioned McCain’s name despite the fact that the legislation he was there to sign is called the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act.

Trump would go on to take shots at McCain during a campaign event after the signing, once again attacking the longtime senator and war hero for voting against his effort to repeal Obamacare last year.

McCain “is everything that Donald Trump is not,” Scarborough said on Tuesday morning after giving everyone a brief history of McCain’s service to and sacrifices for this country.

Trump, meanwhile, dodged the draft during the Vietnam War and won’t even go to war zones to visit the troops.

“What’s so fascinating is here you have a guy that Donald Trump can show no respect for, who gave his all for his country, went into a war zone, got shot down, was a prisoner of war, could have gotten out,” Scarborough said. “Yet you have Donald Trump, even as president of the United States, with all the security that that brings along with it, a man who is afraid to go visit our troops in war zones, a man who is so fearful, who some have said is so cowardly that — oh, he’ll go to Fort Drum, but he’s never been to Afghanistan. He’s never been to Iraq. He’s never been in a war zone where our troops are. He just won’t do it.”

Scarborough went on to call Trump Putin’s “lapdog” for being so weak during his press conference with the Russia dictator.

“Of course, I think that Helsinki summit where Donald Trump looked so weak and as the Europeans said he looked like Putin’s poodle, I think that lasting image is just sticking even in the minds of loyal Republicans and independents,” he said. “Gosh, even if we voted for the guy, we hate seeing our president look so weak and feckless and like a lapdog for a ruthless ex-KGB agent who is now running Russia.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

John McCain is a hero who made true sacrifices for this country while Trump has never sacrificed anything in his entire life. Trump is a disgrace who does not deserve a military parade. If anyone deserves a military parade, it’s McCain. He earned that honor in Vietnam by flying combat missions and suffering brutal torture for several years that would leave him with a disability for the rest of his life when he finally returned home.

Trump is a petty narcissist who only cares about himself and his ego. He doesn’t give a damn about this country or the men and women have put on a uniform to defend it. He made that perfectly clear by snubbing McCain.


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