Morning Joe: Putin Is Holding Something Bad Over Trump’s Head (Video)

Morning Joe: Putin Is Holding Something Bad Over Trump’s Head (Video)

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Donald Trump is desperately trying to numb the American public in preparation for the day it is revealed that Vladimir Putin has something on him that he is holding over his head.

Because that’s how you make a person your puppet.

The furor over Trump’s extramarital affair with porn star Stormy Daniels should have been far worse than it actually has been, as the Morning Joe panel pointed out on Friday morning.

After all, the Monica Lewinsky scandal was covered 24/7 and Republicans were so upset about it that they tried to impeach Bill Clinton.

But, the Morning Joe paneled noted that Trump’s evangelical supporters are compromising their values by continuing to back him.

When Joe Scarborough chimed in, he pointed out that evangelicals aren’t the only ones who are compromised, warning that Putin has something on Trump that is much worse, which is why Trump is lying as much as possible so that when it is finally revealed, people won’t care as much.

“And you keep lying at the American people,” Scarborough said. “And you flood them in so many lies… And you keep the steady stream up so much, that soon populations, religious leaders, civic leaders, editorial writers, newspaper editors, he hopes TV hosts, become numb to it. And so when something like this comes out, they just ignore it.”

“Vladimir Putin has something that he is holding over Donald Trump’s head, and it is bad,” the Morning Joe host continued. “We started asking that question in December of 2015, two years ago, when Donald Trump was defending Vladimir Putin for assassinating journalists. Donald Trump was defending Vladimir Putin for assassinating political leaders in his own country. Donald Trump was defending Vladimir Putin for all the things he did.”

Scarborough listed the members of Trump’s team who have all lied about their contacts with Russians during the 2016 campaign. And Trump was continuing to deny that he or anyone else around him had talked to Russians even though he was clearly lying.

“So what is Donald Trump hoping?” Scarborough asked. “He is not hoping he can just brush aside a story of a porn star. He’s hoping that when the truth comes out about what Vladimir Putin has and has had hanging over his head for decades, possibly, that we will all be too numb to notice. Ten tweets a day, five lies a day, bread and circuses, all of the game show, reality show distractions. Mika, that’s all he’s hoping. He wants to numb the American people, he wants to numb the electorate, he wants to numb everybody — his supporters, which already is numbing a lot of his supporters — to the dirty reality that is — not only his presidency, but his past.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Soon enough, we’ll know what Putin has on Trump. We’ll also know all about Trump’s collusion and treason. Because Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump and his corrupt family and inner circle. There’s a reason why Trump is desperately trying to undermine the Russia investigation, and it’s not because he is innocent. Innocent people have nothing to hide. They welcome investigations. But Trump has been trying to kill this investigation for a year, even going so far as to attack the FBI and Justice Department.

Make no mistake, Russia and Putin helped Trump win in 2016, and Trump has refused to criticize Putin at all since taking office, all while attacking our allies and threatening to dismantle the very Constitution we hold so dearly. Putin is watching Trump tear America asunder, and he is enjoying every second of it because he gets to pull the strings from Moscow.

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