Morning Joe Torches Trump’s “Forcefully Wrong” NATO Press Conference

Morning Joe Torches Trump’s “Forcefully Wrong” NATO Press Conference

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President Donald Trump’s bonkers NATO press conference was the primary topic of discussion on Morning Joe Thursday as the panel pointed out all the lies he told.

Trump demanded that our NATO allies increase defense spending to 4 percent after claiming that he made a deal with them to get their defense budgets to 2 percent as he continued to accuse members of not paying their fair share.

Trump also threatened to leave NATO and claimed he’s a “stable genius.”

But when Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski and their team of panelists looked at Trump’s speech, they found many errors.

First, Scarborough caught Trump taking credit for things that were done by previous administrations.

“Donald Trump took credit for a 2 percent commitment that George W. Bush got in 2006,” he said. “And then took credit for pressuring Europe to spend more money, which Bob Gates actually got started in 2011.”

Indeed, it was former President George W. Bush who negotiated the 2 percent commitment in 2006, which most NATO members will achieve by 2024.

And it’s true that former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates pressured NATO members to chip in towards NATO’s budget in 2011 during the Obama administration.

Morning Joe also demonstrated through the use of a chart that Europe’s defense spending has risen steadily since 2011 and that Europe is spending more than the United States.

Mika then chimed in by comparing Trump’s NATO lies to his immigration lies.

“The fact-checking on NATO has been fascinating because he was wrong so many times — and forcefully wrong,” she said. “His last answer, a question on Africa, we could not fact-check because it literally made no sense, he was blithering at that point.”

“It was hard to break through,” Brzezinski continued. “But as for NATO, it is very similar to the border separation issue. He creates a problem, he creates a policy, he creates a fight over it and has absolutely no plan moving forward, and we’ve got hundreds, possibly thousands of children hanging in the balance, some who will be orphaned because of his policy, and he’s now trying to take credit for fixing it. He’s trying to take credit for fixing something with NATO, and quite frankly the incompetence that this president has shown in terms of the separation policy, we should be frightened of the damage he is doing on the world stage.”

Scarborough then showed a chart proving that NATO Europe spends more on defense than most nations do, including more than three times as much as Russia.

Here’s the video via YouTube.


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