Robert Mueller Gives Michael Cohen A Lie Detector Test In A Hilarious SNL Opener (Video)

Robert Mueller Gives Michael Cohen A Lie Detector Test In A Hilarious SNL Opener (Video)

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Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller made dueling guest appearances in this week’s Saturday Night Live opener. DeNiro took on the role of Robert Mueller and Stiller countered with his impression of Donald Trump’s attorney (sort of), Michael Cohen.

Before they made their appearances, cast members Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett got things started as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Vice President Mike Pence.

Sessions is worried about the investigation and how the “walls are closing in” on them. Pence reassures Sessions that everything will be “normal” with the President in a few short months — because it will be him.

Stiller then enters as Cohen — a guy trying to be tough at the same time as he kisses Trump’s rear end in every way imaginable. That includes being the “least colluding President ever.

Sessions and Pence send him “down the hall” to meet someone — a surprise someone.

That surprise turns out to be DeNiro portraying Robert Mueller.

Mueller hooks Cohen up to a lie detector test. He starts with some “easy questions.” Questions like “how’d ya like the pee-pee tape?”

After catching Cohen lying about if Trump knew about the $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, Cohen accuses Mueller of being “biased.”  Mueller reveals that they keep the names out of things in their investigation, instead, using code names. Naturally, Cohen asks what some of those code names are.

Here’s a list:

Trump – Formerly “Putin’s little bitch, now, Stormy’s little bitch

Ivanka – Girlfriend

Jared Kushner – Other Girlfriend

Don Jr. and Eric – The two Fredos

Finally, Cohen asks what his code name is. Mueller informs him that it is  “dead man walking.”

Cohen then tells Mueller that “he has rights” and that Mueller can’t do this to him. Mueller informs him that he was gonna get all “you Fockers” — referencing the classic movie the two actors played in, “Meet The Parents.”

But that was only one of two references to that movie, plus there are a bunch of other great lines and jokes we didn’t even get to (because we don’t want to spoil too much). You can check out the complete clip below:


Featured image via screen capture from the video above.