Mueller Quotes Manafort’s Phone Calls In Jail Saying He Is A ‘V.I.P.’ To Thwart Efforts To Delay Trial

Mueller Quotes Manafort’s Phone Calls In Jail Saying He Is A ‘V.I.P.’ To Thwart Efforts To Delay Trial

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Paul Manafort’s short time in jail has been spent in luxury compared to other prisoners, with constant access to his lawyers, a cell phone, and a laptop with an extension cord that allows him to use it in his personal unit. The details of all of his privileges are astounding, especially considering that he had moved to delay his trial in Alexandria on July 25, citing complaints about jail conditions.

The man who dropped $130,000 on clothing in Beverly Hills doesn’t even have to wear a prison uniform and has access to his own extra-large living unit with its own shower and bathroom.

Even though he was sent to jail for allegedly tampering with witnesses, he is still able to send emails written on a laptop transported by his legal team. A convenient work-around that would be unheard of for other inmates.

By Manafort’s own words, heard in recorded jail phone calls, he has said he “is being treated like a ‘VIP.'”

Running totally contrary to his claims that he was unable to prep for his trial in jail, the special counsel revealed that Manafort also said he had “gone through all the discovery” and can see “all my files like I would at home.”

The total of phone calls the whiny inmate has made in just three weeks has numbered 100 with his attorneys and 200 with other unidentified people. Since those calls are monitored, one wonders what else he might have given away.

Manafort’s lawyers wanted to block his transfer to another jail in Alexandria, where he owns a condominium, citing concerns about his safety. They previously argued that his location in Northern Neck Regional Jail in rural Virginia was creating difficulty in preparing his defense. Now the story has flipped.

U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III put it very clearly and bluntly why he wasn’t going to weasel out of the transfer.

“The Alexandria jail is ‘very familiar with housing high-profile defendant including foreign and domestic terrorists, spies and traitors,’ Ellis said. The judge added that Manafort’s ‘access to counsel and his ability to prepare for trial trumps his personal comfort.'”

Manafort’s days as VIP may be over, and his trial for charges of bank fraud and tax violations will soon begin. Another trial September 17 will take place in Washington D.C. He will face charges of laundering millions of dollars and failing to register as a foreign agent of Ukraine.

Certainly, Manafort’s behavior and relatively lavish accommodations in jail continue a pattern of suspicious activity and very questionable judgment.

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