Multiple Reports: Mueller Can Prove Cohen Lied About Key Point In Steele Dossier (Video)

Multiple Reports: Mueller Can Prove Cohen Lied About Key Point In Steele Dossier (Video)

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Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigating team has proof that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen made a secret trip to Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign despite his denials of being there, McClatchy reported Friday.

The Christopher Steele “dossier” claimed Cohen did go to Prague and met with a powerful Kremlin figure about Russian meddling in the U.S. election. In fact, this is considered by many to be the “main claim” of the dossier as much of the other claims in it rely on this one to be true.

Cohen denies he was ever in Prague ever in his life. For evidence, he produced his passport last year which showed no entries into Czechlosovakia.

While that might seem like ‘proof” for Cohen’s argument, the fact is it is quite easy to get into The Czech Republic without ever having to show a passport. And now, it looks like Mueller’s investigators have been able to trace Cohen’s sneaky path.

McClatchy reported investigators have evidence that Cohen entered the Czech Republic through Germany, apparently during August or early September of 2016 which doesn’t require a passport stamp. According to Natasha Bertrand, who has painstakingly covered the investigation, sources say that Cohen traveled from Germany into the Czech Republic via mass transit.

The dossier claimed that in Prague, Cohen has met an ally of Putin, Konstantin Kosachev.  Earlier this month Kosachev was one of the 24 Russians oligarchs slapped with U.S. sanctions. Also present at the meeting, according to McClatchy reporter Greg Gordon, were Russian hackers.

This all lines up with the dossier’s claims that Trump’s “fixer” went to Prague to “clean up” various messes.  It would also support the speculations that he went there to offer “hush money” to the hackers. The same things Cohen has allegedly done with multiple women that Trump may have had affairs with.

If this meeting ever did happen it goes a long way to proving collusion.

Neither Mueller nor anyone on Trump’s legal team commented on the story to McClatchy. Instead, last night Trump announced that he would launch military strikes on Syria. This move is being called a “wag the dog” attempt by many.

This report comes out the day after U.S. attorneys confirmed they are investigating Cohen.

On Monday the FBI raided Cohen’s office and home.

For more details, check out this report by Chris Hayes with Gordon and Bertrand below:


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