Nervous Trump Says He May Investigate Hillary Clinton And Her Emails Himself

Nervous Trump Says He May Investigate Hillary Clinton And Her Emails Himself

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In case you hadn’t noticed, President Donald Trump has been losing what’s left of his mind this week after his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, was found guilty on eight felony counts and his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, cut a plea deal with federal prosecutors in New York and named Trump as a co-conspirator. Oh, and the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan is also about to investigate the Trump Organization.

Desperate to change the topic, Trump has been lashing out at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the FBI, the Department of Justice, and Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s Hillary obsession was on full view Saturday morning when he fired off these tweets:

Yes, it’s the old fallback position for Trump: When in doubt, blame others.

As we all know, the matter of Clinton’s emails was thoroughly investigated by the FBI and Congressional committees. None of them proved any wrongdoing on her part, but Trump cannot stand having to abandon one of his favorite scapegoats.

In response to his creeping paranoia, social media had some serious pushback for the Donald:

Since he’s tweeting about Hillary today, it seems safe to assume that President Idiot will probably try to blame Obama next. Stay tuned!

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