Mueller Files Charges Against Suspect That Could Have Been Planning To Flee Country

Mueller Files Charges Against Suspect That Could Have Been Planning To Flee Country

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UPDATE: Robert Mueller has filed his 1st charges Friday evening. Check out the videos below to see some of the evidence that may have led to the charges. MSNBC is reporting that it is a sealed indictment and that is usually done when they expect the suspect to flee the country. No one is sure who it is or if it is a Russia related indictment or if it was more in the “unregistered foreign agent” or a financial crime that is being charged.

A former Watergate investigator says that he believes it will be one that “strikes at the heart of the collusion issue.”

Check out this video describing the events then check out the rest of the original story that could give us more clues into what is about to go down.

Original “new evidence” story after the break below:

A new piece of evidence in the question of whether Trump colluded with Russia has been exposed in reports from The New York Times, even as Trump is trying to point the finger at Hillary – again – on Twitter.

Trump tweeted out the opposite of the truth in reaction, as it seems he must.

Trump Tweet

The Times reported that though the Russian lawyer, Veselnitskaya, had insisted she was independent of the Russian government, she was actually coordinating with the Russian prosecutor general, called “one of Russia’s most powerful officials.” Veselnitskya brought a memo with her that promised to incriminate Clinton, and also Bill Browder, a main supporter of the Magnitsky Act sanctions.

The talking points of her memo, alleging that Democratic donors were guilty of financial fraud and tax evasion, were repeated by Vladimir Putin himself at an annual conference of Western academics at a Black Sea resort, which indicates a coordinated campaign with the top levels of Russia – and also now with the Trump campaign.

The memo was also shared with Representative Dana Rohrabacher, a California Republican, as well as French Hill, Republican of Arkansas.

There was already plenty of circumstantial evidence of collusion. Jeremy Bash, a National Security Analyst, gave a few examples off the top of his head on MSNBC:

  • Long-standing financial ties between the Trump organization and Russia
  • Candidate and president Trump’s relentless “fawning over Putin”
  • Private back-door discussions between Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, and the Russians

But there is direct evidence as well.

The email sent on the behalf of a Russian oligarch to arrange a meeting with Trump Jr. at Trump Tower in June 2016 was introduced as a show of the Russian government’s support for the Trump campaign.

The new evidence corroborates this was connected directly to the Kremlin as both Putin and the Russian prosecutor general have repeated the allegations it contains.

“[…] The Kremlin knew that this delegation was going to Trump Tower. They authorized it and they greenlighted the talking points. That is direct evidence of collusion,” said Bash.

Jeremy Bash goes on to explain what criminal actions Bob Mueller may take going forward. Though collusion may not be illegal, Trump won’t be able to shrug all of this off with a Tweet.