New Report Shows Trump Is Accelerating Climate Change

New Report Shows Trump Is Accelerating Climate Change

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What do you do when you’re own government agencies are imploring you to accept climate change and take necessary action? If you’re Trump, you totally ignore them because you’re a stable genius. Apparently, you also do all you can to make a dire situation even worse.

A new report from the United Nations’ climate science group very bluntly says that if we want to get a firm control on climate change, we must alter our food, energy and transportation systems. In other words, the same very rudimentary instructions they’ve been issuing for decades. But Trump doesn’t even accept the ridiculously settled science of climate change and previously called it a “Chinese hoax.” Yep, a former reality tv show host clearly knows more than highly educated scientists.

Trump’s pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord not only allowed China to take the lead on climate change. but his policies have been to roll back anything decent Obama ever did to combat climate change–and it’s wreaking havoc on the global environment. The UN report says that Trump is loosening methane gas rules by allowing the Department of Interior to remove Obama-era regulations on methane waste.

Additionally, the Trump Administration is rolling back on fuel efficiency requirements and promoting such laughably outdated and dirty energy sources such as coal. For example, Trump is rolling back an Obama-era regulation on new cars that would have forced auto manufacturers to increase fuel efficiency, in miles per gallon, beginning in 2020. California is presently suing the federal government over it.

Worse yet, Trump thinks making America great again means putting our beaches and waterways at risk of devastating destruction by opening up much of America’s coast up for oil drilling. Believe it or not, he manages to surpass the George W. Bush years. Luckily,  New Jersey’s governor signed a bill to prevent drilling in its waters, and Florida’s governor pushed back on drilling on its shores, but much of the country will be open to new leases.

All of these reckless actions are not only fundamentally bad public policy, but they’re deliberately accelerating the size and scope that climate change has on our environment. This means bigger and more frequent hurricanes, deadly heat waves, and more powerful blizzards.


Featured image via Blue State Daily archive