Nick Kyrgios and the Mystery of his Inappropriate Behavior

Nick Kyrgios and the Mystery of his Inappropriate Behavior

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Tennis player Nick Kyrgios was recently the central figure of another scandal. And his behavior was again criticized. It happened in his second-round match at Shanghai Masters. He could not seem less entertained and willing to play some tennis. Which is, by the way, his full time job. He went against German qualifier Mischa Zverev and he lost, some would say deliberately, 6-3 6-1 in just 48 minutes.

What happened

He once again proved that he lacks a certain professionalism which is needed in this sport. The crowd booed him and the chair umpire warned him because of his inappropriate behavior on court. At one point, Kyrgios seemed to really not want to be there. He completely tanked a service game and went off court when his opponent was serving. And the spectators could not be angrier with him.

Later, after the “match”, at the press conference, Nick Kyrgios said that he thinks he does not owe anything to the crowd. In a free country, if you don’t like something, you get up and leave. In his opinion, this is what those spectators should have done. His attitude has been an ongoing problem and now, that he is quickly approaching top 10, it does not seem to go away.

Tired and confused

Kyrgios started the Shanghai Masters tournament after winning the title at the Japan Open, his third and biggest one yet. In his defense, Kyrgios explained that everything happened because he is extremely tired from all the season. He is reportedly not interested at all to gather more points and to qualify for the ATP Finals in London.

A deeper problem

But maybe there is a bigger problem with Nick Kyrgios than just being uncivilized or unprofessional. He said numerous times that he did not want to play tennis, but basketball. So this issue might affect his attitude towards the sport. Also, being so talented and going up in the rankings so fast might have done something to him. Something all young people deal with when they become successful. So he ended up living in a protection bubble. Everyone knows how obsessed he was with Pokemon Go. Maybe is all about not wanting to become a full adult. And this could explain his childish behavior which comes and goes.

But this might also say a lot about the way people have treated him. Critics, analyses, opinions. He is just not ready for all of this. So it is only natural that he should stay away from essentially everything. Including tennis. But nobody can say that he is not entertaining or a good player. He draws crows even when he is not feeling well or not playing well. Why? Because he is extremely watchable, marketable, call it what you want. Talking about being marketable. He said that he does not owe anything to anyone. He might owe some things to his sponsors, or even his close relatives and friends.

We keep talking about Kyrgios and his attitude but have we forgotten how many other spectacular players have done the same before him? And they ended up being the titans of tennis. We might have the future tennis titan right before our eyes and we don’t even know it. Or we might not. Only time will tell.

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