North Korea Pulls Out Of South Korean Summit — Threatens US

North Korea Pulls Out Of South Korean Summit — Threatens US

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For the past few weeks, Donald Trump’s supporters have been bragging about him bringing “peace” to Korea and counting many chickens before they hatched. Now, it looks like those chickens are beginning to come home to roost.

North Korea News announced that they will pull out of the upcoming Summit with South Korea. In addition to that, they are threatening to pull out of the upcoming June 12th meeting with the United States.

Why are they pulling this move? Some might say that they are just doing what they always do — make promises, then fail to live up to them. More specifically, however, the North Korean regime is saying that the military exercises recently held off their coast are what is driving the decision.

Originally, the exercises were postponed due to the Olympics. After the Olympics, the U.S. held “scaled down” exercises in the waters off the Korean Peninsula. At the time, the North Koreans did not complain.

Now, however, they are saying that the military exercises were merely a pretext, or a rehearsal, for a war.

In the past, North Korea has responded to the drills with more hostility, even firing missiles in the direction of them.

So, if anyone thought that Trump had brought about peace and denuclearization with a swipe of his hand, maybe now they will realize while others weren’t so impressed with all the “gestures” that North Korea and Trump have been throwing at each other.

But now, North Korea has Trump thanking Kim Jong Un for being so hospitable with our three hostages that were released just days ago. Also, Trump talking about how “honorable” North Korea had acted in the setting up of the summit. Now, Kim Jong Un can use all that as propaganda against us.

If you are unfamiliar with the situation and history of North Korea, check out this BBC documentary below:


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