Obama Saw It Coming – Foreshadowed Trump’s Scandalous Administration

Obama Saw It Coming – Foreshadowed Trump’s Scandalous Administration

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Because this is the new normal in political life, late yesterday the Washington Post broke another bombshell story. They reported that President Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice. According to that report, the investigation into possible obstruction began in the days immediately following the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

While many are shocked by this revelation, there are others who have been expecting this development. In a press release six days after the election, then President Obama seemed to foretell the future. The following is a quote from that press release:

“One of the things you discover about being President is that there are all these rules and norms and laws and you’ve got to pay attention to them. And the people who work for you are also subject to those rules and norms. And that’s a piece of advice that I gave to the incoming President.

I am very proud of the fact that we will-knock on wood-leave this administration without significant scandal. We’ve made mistakes, there have been screw-ups, but I will put the ethics of this administration and our track record in terms of just abiding by the rules and norms and keeping trust with the American people-I will put this administration against any administration in history.

And the reason is because, frankly, we listened to the lawyers. And we had a strong White House Counsel’s Office. We had a strong Ethics Office. We had people in every agency whose job it was to remind people, this is how you’re supposed to do things. It doesn’t mean everybody always did everything exactly the way it’s supposed to, because we’ve got 2 million people working in the Federal Government, if you’re including the military, and so we had to just try to institutionalize this as much as we could. And that takes a lot of work. And one of my suggestions to the incoming President is, is that he take that part of the job seriously as well.”

Then President Obama seemed to predict the attitudes that precipitated the current obstruction investigation. President Trump refuses to follow the fundamental rules that have governed the Office of the President since it’s creation.

Only six days after  Trump found his victory in the electoral college, President Obama called out what would be the most significant risk to Trump’s administration. That risk… Trump himself.