Back On The Barack: Obama Set To Make First Campaign Appearance

Back On The Barack: Obama Set To Make First Campaign Appearance

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Each and every day, the majority of the country have to rack their brains in figuring out how we could go from a man of aplomb, intelligence, eloquence, compassion, and instant likeability to such a hateful, selfish, and thoughtless madman.  It seriously feels like going from the London Symphony to a drunken Jug player in Branson, Missouri. But being the classy man that President Obama is, he’s largely stayed out of the spotlight since leaving office.

But he shall remain silent no more!

NBC reports that the former president will stump in Virginia next week for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, according to the Northam campaign. This will mark Obama’s first campaign rally since leaving office, which, as Joe Biden might say, is a big “fu**ing deal!” The rally, set to take place in Richmond on October 19th, will give us the opportunity to once again hear what a real president sounds like.

The gubernatorial race in Virginia, set to takes place on November 7,  is largely considered a very important election for Democrats to win in an off election year, thus boding well for Democrats in 2018. Polls show Northam will a slight lead over Republican Ed Gillespie. Here’s what Quentin Kidd, the director of the conducted  Newport University’s Wason Center for Public Policy, said:

“Northam is doing well where he needs to do well,” Quentin Kidd, the director of the Wason Center said in a statement. “A Democratic plus-11 advantage in Northern Virginia and plus-20 in Hampton Roads are hard for a Republican to overcome in the rest of the state.”

But if we’ve learned anything from Trump’s improbable presidential victory, it’s that polls mean nothing and Democrats should take nothing for granted.

Regarding the Republican side, former President George W. Bush will headline fundraisers for Gillespie later this month, and Vice President Mike Pence is set to appear at a rally for the GOP candidate this Saturday.

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