Obama to Trump: Deporting Kids Is Plain ‘Cruel’ and ‘Wrong’

Obama to Trump: Deporting Kids Is Plain ‘Cruel’ and ‘Wrong’

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Following Jeff Sessions’ announcement regarding the fate of DACA, President Barack Obama ripped into his successor for his decision to deport hundreds of illegal immigrants that were brought to the country as kids.

The 44th President said that targeting the young people who have done nothing wrong is just “wrong.” He described the decision as “self-defeating” and “cruel” since those kids want to make a living in the U.S. and have a future here.

The Trump administration announced that it would end the DACA program within six months. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who made the announcement describes the decision that will affect 800,000 people and their relatives as a “compassionate thing to do.”

Trump defended his decision in a letter but refused to hold a press briefing to explain his motives. Ironically, Trump pledged in the past to leave Dreamers alone and focus on illegals that have committed violent crimes.

Dreamers May Not Know A Country Aside from the U.S.

Obama pointed out that Dreamers are Americans in their minds and hearts and should be Americans on paper too.

“They were brought to this country by their parents, sometimes even as infants. They may not know a country besides ours,” the former President argued.

Some of them do not even know another language besides English. For this reason deporting them to their home lands is “cruel.” A surprising number of those kids do not even know that they are undocumented until they try to apply for a job or a driver’s license or want to pursue higher education.

Obama started DACA in 2012 despite his opponents calling it a presidential overreach. He made the controversial decision after the GOP failure to pass immigration reform in the House.

Obama said Tuesday that regardless of the concerns Americans have about illegal immigration, we shouldn’t threaten the future of those young people who are in the U.S. “through no fault of their own.”

Image Source: US Embassy