One American’s Defiant Response To One Of The GOP’s Final Insults Of 2017

One American’s Defiant Response To One Of The GOP’s Final Insults Of 2017

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The GOP Tax plans are being rammed through the Republican-controlled Congress, and honestly, it feels like an unforgivable assault so infuriating that many expletives come to mind. While it appears that it’s all being done to give Trump one legislative “win” before the end of the year, the tax plans themselves tell another story entirely: Republicans are willing to ride out what time remains before Trump’s likely impeachment to appease their wealthy donors, throwing them handouts and knowing all the while that they are betraying their real bosses utterly –the American people. They think the American people will sit by and just take the abuse of power on display, or that they won’t be personally be affected. Our constant calls and letters are just an irritation brushed aside and at the end of the day, they go home to their mansions where they hoard more wealth at our very real expense.

They know they have insulted Americans so completely with a year of Trump that the only possible way to stay in power is to throw handouts to their donors, even though they know the risk of exposing their real masters.

We know today that some Republicans were keen on ditching Trump since before the election, as exposed in a report by The Atlantic. Mike Pence was ready to step in, and a group of billionaires offered a “buyout” to encourage the Trump campaign to step aside. Team Trump just wanted too much at $800 million.

They knew Trump would shame the GOP, and today, boy does he, as he campaigns to degrade them as never before, supporting a man accused of pedophilia and who is far enough right to safely cross into fascist theocrat territory. The GOP signed up anyway, and they know we are aware they aren’t doing the jobs we sent them to Washington to do.

The cost to remove Trump was too much for those billionaires, and they pushed it off on the American people, who are paying dearly for Trump, a man who knows no shame or end to his quest for wealth and power. He embodies the lowest common denominator of the Republican party and one they apparently will never abandon.

Complicity with a pussy grabber now results in a democracy in total chaos and on the brink of collapse. Pundits keep saying the constitutional crisis is yet to come, but it’s been all around us since the dark and foreboding day Trump took office.

We can’t blame it all on Trump, as horrendous as he is.

The real blame goes to the Republican Congress, who have proven without any doubt they are willing to directly harm the lives of millions of constituents, discard ethics, morality, and their Constitutional responsibility to serve in the interests of the majority of Americans. In all truth: They are behaving as if they are narcissistic CEOs and America is just a large corporate conglomerate for their own exploitation.

They parade their corruption in the faces of their real bosses, and in truth, should justifiably be impeached for failing the American people so completely, passing off what they are doing with macabre lies.

How they battled President Obama endlessly to destroy the dream of affordable health care, only to show the actual motive so clearly, which is to throw millions off health care and then move on to erode social security and Medicare. They see entitlements for the majority of Americans as an affront they will fight tooth and nail to stop and believe in their greed-infested hearts that it’s the corporations, the top 1%, the Koch brothers, the Mercer family, and the Trump family who really deserve more breaks?

Then the GOP proves they have no intellectual responsibility or honesty by saying it’s those wealthy American who can really create prosperity through their endless generosity towards the people they themselves have impoverished in their total greed and hubris. All the while they sit safely in their offices, disconnected completely from all-too-real American suffering and despair as the calls and faxes flood in. None of it is acceptable in any way.

The GOP tax plans are one of the final assaults on the American people in 2017, a year that has shown us that the current GOP has no shame or decency left whatsoever. They made the call that they would side for greed an power by keeping Trump in the first place, and now with Roy Moore, they reveal how complete their abandonment of all decency or credibility actually has been all along at the year’s end.

They knew a minority of the American people elected Trump out of a misguided attempt to tell Washington that we’ve all had enough of the partisan dysfunction. They knew we all really wanted a President who would work to improve the quality of the lives of the majority. They also knew from the beginning that Trump was clearly not the man for that job, even if you ignore over two years of endless scandal and multifaceted blatant Russian interference.

The GOP international tax regime shows that they are clearly not the men and women for that job either. The entire world is witness to the boundless depravity our representatives have foisted on the once shining ideal called the “American Dream.” They have no self-respect or credibility left when they claim it helps the middle class while the experts say it’s “the start of a decades-long economic policy disaster unlike any other that has occurred in American history.”

It’s up to the American people to send these false representatives packing and restore what’s left of the dream in the New Year. We know with total certainty that Republicans in Congress are as bad or worse than we all feared, even on the day they humiliatingly let Trump represent America. America will pay for this for decades and probably longer, but we all must remember: Trump is not who America is and never has been. We are still the bosses, and it’s time we start acting like it.

For proof of their total hypocrisy and treachery, watch them gloat about their tax plans below:


Featured image: Statue of Liberty via Pixabay