Paul Ryan Denies Being Guilty Of ‘Enabling’ Donald Trump

Paul Ryan Denies Being Guilty Of ‘Enabling’ Donald Trump

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced this week that he won’t be seeking reelection in the 2018 midterm, and while Ryan may be trying to set himself up for a possible run at the White House in 2024, he still has plenty to answer for as he leaves Congress.

One of those things is the way Ryan reversed himself when it came to supporting Donald Trump. Ryan said he was done with Trump after the Access Hollywood tape story broke, but he later admitted that he voted for the president and also worked to help implement Trump’s policies.

Appearing on Meet the Press Sunday, Ryan was asked about criticism that he helped enable the rise of Trump. Ryan replied:

“Enabling ― So, so what did we do?”

Host Chuck Todd pressed Ryan again, which led the Speaker to remark:

“Sure, no two people are going to agree on everything. We have different styles. We have different ideas. But it’s a big tent party. And we represent different corners of the tent.”

Todd then read a quote from Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes to Ryan. Sykes had this to say about his fellow resident of the Badger State:

“When people write the history of this era, it will be the triumph of Trumpism over Ryanism, and that’s got to be a bitter pill to swallow.”


“I just don’t see it like that.”

Asked about legislation that would protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller from being dismissed by the president, Ryan said none was needed because he doesn’t think Trump will attempt to fire Mueller, adding:

“I don’t think he should be fired. I think he should be left to do his job. And I don’t think they’re really contemplating this.”

Here’s something Charlie Sykes neglected to say about Paul Ryan: Ryan is a spineless, gutless political hack who is only interested in himself and his rich benefactors. Everyone else is expendable.

History will not be kind to Ryan and his fellow enablers in the Republican party.

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