Paul Ryan Says 3,000 Deaths In Puerto Rico Don’t Make Trump ‘Look Bad’ (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan Says 3,000 Deaths In Puerto Rico Don’t Make Trump ‘Look Bad’ (VIDEO)

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Based on remarks he made Thursday morning about Puerto Rico, it’s clear that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan either doesn’t have a clue about what constitutes a tragedy or has lost what was left of his mind.

Ryan was asked about two Tweets sent out by President Donald Trump in which the ever paranoid president blamed the deaths of 3,000 in Puerto Rico on the Democrats:

In response, Ryan remarked:

“Casualties don’t make a person look bad. So I have no reason to dispute these numbers. I was in Puerto Rico after the hurricane. It was devastating.

“It’s an isolated island that lost its infrastructure and its power for a long time. You couldn’t get to people on the island for a long time because roads were washed out, power was gone and the casualties mounted for a long time.”

Casualties don’t make a person look bad? Really?! Does it make a person look bad when they go to Puerto Rico and toss rolls of paper towels at residents as a way of making them feel better, kinda like Trump did? Or does it make a president look bad when he tries to blame the deaths of 3,000 American citizens on his political opponents?

Ryan then added:

“So, I have no reason to dispute those numbers. Those are just the facts of what happens when a horrible hurricane hits and isolated place like and island.”

Translation: I don’t want to say anything bad about Donald Trump, but maybe you’d prefer to talk about tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, which I simply can’t get enough of.

Hey, Paul: Don’t let the Capitol doors hit you in the butt on your way out of Washington. Lots of us cannot wait to see you leave.

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