Surprise! VP Pence ‘Standing With’ Trump on Charlottesville

Surprise! VP Pence ‘Standing With’ Trump on Charlottesville

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Vice President Mike Pence recently said that he “stands with the President” on the controversial remarks he made earlier this week about the incident in Charlottesville, Virginia, which left one woman dead and dozens injured.

Pence Defends Trump

On Tuesday, the President said that the group protesting the removal of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a public park included some “very fine people” and placed the blame for the tragedy on “both sides” of the protest.

Following the incident, Democrats and Republicans alike criticized Trump for his ambiguous response since he initially failed to denounce white supremacists and Neo-Nazis. The protester that rammed a car into a group of counter-protester shared Neo-Nazi views.

VP Pence, on the other hand, is one of the few politicians courageous enough to defend the president publicly. If we analyze the former Indiana governor’s civil rights record, his endorsement should not come as a surprise.

Pence’s Poor Civil Rights Record

When it comes to racial issues, one political pundit compared Trump to a chainsaw-wielding “maniac” while his VP is the “gentlemen serial killer.” While Pence refrains from making controversial remarks in public, he pushes for policies that affect minority groups.

Last year, Pence took the time to visit Greentown, Indiana after reports of ground water contamination with lead surfaced. The then-Indiana governor compared the incident to that in Flint. In two months, the problem was solved.

The same thing happened to East Chicago, but authorities did nothing about the problem even though state authorities knew the levels of lead in soil in that area were some of the highest levels in the country. Pence never visited this city or made public statements about the incident.

The difference between the two municipalities is that the former is predominantly white, while the latter is overwhelmingly black.
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